Scattered Dreams

By Satsuki Kura. DEDICATED TO my little brother mikey for being my anyyoying insperation

This a story that came to me in a dream and I was thinkning of how such a good story it was and I relized it wouldn't be pledgerizim if I wrote down my dream XD sadly I forgot some parts so it won't be as awsome as teh one in the theater in my mind. Update atleast once a week^^

Chapter 4:Rumors in the dessert

Louis finnaly came to though, he wasn't on the steps any more. He was in a market place in the middle of the dessert. Wispers of rumors seemed to flood by more than ussual.

"Did you hear?" one women said to another

"Yeah, Its gone!" the other whispered feverently back. Nobody seemed to notice the new comer in his unuasal clothes. He started walking towards the end of the street. A girl about his age glanced up at him, first like a normal person would watch a passing car, then like she was seeing a ghost.

"They're here!" she shrieked. "THE RUMORS MUST BE TRUE!" she continued. Louis sighed. What on earth was she talking about? He glanced down,spotting himself in a mirror that was on sale at the market. There was a weird mark where his fore head was but he convinced himself it was something on the mirror. All of the people in the market seemed to stare in Louis's direction.

"Excuse me, but will you be kind enough to tell me who they are?" he asked. He was very perplexed.

"Don't play dumb, Ye know who we be talking about. Ye made a mistake and came ter fix it before any of us here folk noticed it" an angry granny shouted at Louis.

"I'm very sorry m'am but I don't know what your talking about." Louis said.

"Whatever" the granny grumbled. "Just do your job and hightail it out of here.The mark on your forehead is proof ye be playin' dumb with us folk."

Louis looked again at the weird mark on his forehead. He didn't know what it means or why he is here. The mark looked sort of like a crown of flames.

"Why must you have made such a grave mistake, Dream Shingami?" the girl sighed and walked away. Dream Shinigami? This was getting more confusing by the second. Louis grabbed a hat, put it on and he ran to the end of the street. The gaurds stopped me and asked for my name. He didn't know what do say so he took off my cap.

"I am Louis the Dream Shinigami" Louis said in what he hoped to be an assertive voice.

"Yeah, Yeah, nice tatoo kid" they laughed. "Just tel us your real name and We'll let you past squirt!" they laughed. Louis had a gut feeling on what to do so he went out on a whim.

"I am not a kid! I am Louis, the Dream Shinigami, number 26234 of the DreamSail Co. I, Louis McTrelo, The Dream Shinigami command you to let me pass!" He yelled. His forehead felt white hot. The gaurds eyes glew red-ish.

"Yes, of course Mr.Louis McTrelo" They awnsered and let him pass. Louis put his cap back on and walked deeper into the desert. He spotted a girl and walked over to her, maybe she would tell him about the rumor.

"Whats the new rumor going around?" he asked.

"They are saying the lamp of Yukatakimori is missing!Oh I'm Shana by the way. Who are you?" the girl awnsered.

"You can call me Lulu. Say, if the rumor is rue and a dream shinigami showed up, what would make the dream shinigami go home?" Louis rambled.

"They would have to find the lamp and put it back, after all they would be the ones who broke it. Then they would probaly vanish in midair." she said speculating if Louis saw one.

"Oh" he said. "Well I have to go, see you later" he told her and started walking away. Once he was home he could get away from this crazy mess. He started to wonder the hot desert in search of a lost gold lamp.


Chapter 3: Alexis, BOS

Black hair, Blue eyes, very obssesed with L, this is how many poeple describe Alexis. Cunning, Smart, and wonderous is how her brothers and sister describe her. ALexis is 16 and the oldest sibling in the McTrelo family.

There was a loud crash from upstairs so Alexis decided to come in and see what it was. As she walked inside she felt like someone was watching her so she turned around.

Something caught her eye on he floor so she looked down. There was a small black leather book with a note pinned on it. Alexis picked it up and read the note out loud to herself.

"Please give this book to Louis when he is done fixing what he broke.I now proclaim you, Alexis McTrelo, the oldest sibling in this house, the oficial Bearer of Secret for Mr.Louis McTrelo. Your handbook shall arrive shortly. Yours truley, Aditi Adonis"

Alexis looked at the note confused. She took it off and looked at the cover of the black leather book. the title was "DreamSail Co.: 2nd Breach Handbook". In small print underneath it read "For Louis and his clients eyes only" and on the very bottom of the book "Made by DreamSail Co., Written By Aditi Adonis"

Alexis dare not open the book. She went upstairs to look for her little brother Louis. When she was climbing the steps she spotted somehting on the top step. She picked it up and looked at it. It was a stuffed doll,no larger than one of Mikey's Dinosaur ones, It wore the same clothes as Louis was wearing last time she saw him and it had Louis's face. She gasped and something fell on her head. The object fell on the floor but Alexis quickly picked it up. It was a scarlet leather book with a note pinned on top like Louis's. She read the note carefully.

"Dear Bearer Of Secret or BOS, Here is your Handbook. It will explain everything. Yours Truly, Aditi Adonis"

The title of the scarlet book read "DreamSail Co., 3rd Breach Handbook". Alexis opened the book and delved into the pages with hope to figure out what is going on.


Chapter 2:DreamSail co.

Louis sighed as he made his way home. He sat outside with his labtop on his favorite green swing.

He always checks his mail first to unwind from a long day at school so he went onto to check his mail. Strangly there was only one message in his inbox. Ussaully there were tons from his friends. The subject of the message was "Wish" and the address it was from was "[email protected]" Louis was about to dissmis it as junk mail but something compelled him to open it. His screem went black for a second but then a website popped up.This is what it said:


UP and lead the dance of Fate!
Lift the song that mortals hate!
Tell what rights are ours on earth,
Over all of human birth.
Swift of foot to avenge are we!
He whose hands are clean and pure,
Naught our wrath to dread hath he;
Calm his cloudless days endure.
But the man that seeks to hide
Like him [1], his gore-bedewèd hands,
Witnesses to them that died,
The blood avengers at his side,
The Furies' troop forever stands.

I_I By checking this box you agree to the terms of agreement

Continue ->>>

He clicked the box and continued.

You have now joined a clan of demons and dreams.

Your wish shall be granted and your brother shall die,
If you click Continue one other time.

Continue ->>>>

He got a bit freaked out and closed the website even though he knew it was probally fake.

He sighed and went back inside. On the table was a bucket that looked exactly like the one his family used to put magnets in.

He looked inside and found tiny plastic models of things which were probaly his brother's. He laid each down carefully on the table. Before he put the last one down he turned it upside down to look at the manufacturer. It said "DreamSail Co.". He gasped and accidentl dropped the tiny plastic lamp. It shattered on the floor like glass and shook the floor like an earthquake. Lightning was seen outside and lit snow swirling in a tornado heading for the house.

Louis Started freaking out and headed upstairs to find his sister. He started feeling light headed like he was fading from reaility.

Then everything went blank.


Chapter 1: The Life of an ordinary country boy

Louis was an ordinary country boy. He was tall with thin brown hair that covered his eyes. He had a few freckles and a huge warming smile. He had just turned thirteen a few days ago. All of his closest family members were there but they still had lots of room in the yard. There was his little brother Mikey, his aunt Camelia, his sisters Sammy and Alexis, his father Mr.McTrelo and his Mother Mrs.McTrelo. Today was bring your big sibling to school day today and of course his little brother picked Louis to go with him to school.

Louis rushed out of the door with a paperbag lunch in one hand and his brother's hand in the other. They ran down the hill to school and opened the door. They rushed to the classroom and opened the door. Mikey sat down in his spot and Louis sat in the empty desk next to him. They teacher went down the list of names and if someone had brought a sibling she would ask for there name and something about them. Then It was their turn.

"Mikey?" She asked.

"Present" he said cheerfully ot the preschool teacher.

"And who is this sitting next to you?" she said equaly happy.

"Thats my big brother Louis, he told me the tooth fairy rips out your teeth if you don't take good care of 'em but daddy tells me its just a tall tale." He said his eyes getting slightly bigger. Everyone burst out laughing and he hid underneath his firebird cap. Thats when everything started to go down hill.

At lunch one of Mikey's friends spilled chochlate milk on Louis's pants. Mikey glanced at Louis then raised his hand.

"Hey teacher!" He called. "I think Lulu peed his pants!" He told her. Everyone in the lunchroom burst out laughing. The older kids laughed the loudest.

"I did not" Louis grumbled under his breath, blushing. "Someone spilled milk on me" He said, blushing like a maniac. The rest of the day didn't get any better. He was embarrased and undermined every possible way he could. It was times like this he wishes he could just kill his brother.

But little did he know that his wish was a possible one to grant.