Scattered Dreams

By Satsuki Kura. DEDICATED TO my little brother mikey for being my anyyoying insperation

This a story that came to me in a dream and I was thinkning of how such a good story it was and I relized it wouldn't be pledgerizim if I wrote down my dream XD sadly I forgot some parts so it won't be as awsome as teh one in the theater in my mind. Update atleast once a week^^

Chapter 8: So I'm like an assasin?

Louis's eyes shot open. He was lying down on the green swing outside again. There was a black leather book with a postit note on top of it. He picked it up and read the note.

It read: "Dear Lulu, Lexy and me are inside. Lexy said she was told to give this to you. It will explain everything and then tell us your part of the story.

P.S: Blake told me to tell you "Thanks for the fun kid, oh and your debt for letting me out has been paid already. Please don't blame me, I didn't make the limit rules and its not my fault DreamSail Co. hates me. See ya later kid"

Louis started reading the black leather book. He soon found out that it told him what do as a dream shinigami and explained to him what happened. Louis stood up and walked into the kitchen. In his mind his thoughts buzzed.

"So I'm like an assasin?" he thought to himself as he walked over to Sammy and Alexis.

"Your finnaly awake!" Sammy smiled. "Now the only qeustion that remains is, what are you?" she asked while pondering what part her brother plays in this.

"Well I guess I'm a Dream Shinigami." he said.

"Whats that?" Sammy asked

"I'm sort of an assasin that goes to different worlds on missions." he said, rubbing the back of his neck.

"Awsome!" Sammy cheered.

"Well what happens no-" Louis started to say. Before he could finish he vanished and a doll laid in his place.

Chapter 7:Enter Sammy

Sammy was the 12 year old in the famliy. She had long hair with two peice bangs and it was put into a ponytail like Neji Hyuga's from "Naruto". She had brown hair and saphire blue eyes with a touch of green in them. She was described as cute if you asked her friends but if you asked her family they'd say beutiful and creative.

She walked around looking for her big brother Louis and her big sister Alexis. Right as she was about to enter the kitchen she tripped over something and hit the floor hard. She passed out.

A bright white light flashed across her vission. Memories flooded in her head. Her eyes opened up quickly. Her reflection on the floor had weird swirl and circle markings on her forehead. She figured Lulu must have taken the opertunity to draw on her with marker while she was passed out. She went to see what she tripped on. It was a small off-white leather book with silver letters on it that read: "DreamSail Co.:First Branch, Bearer of the Message's Handbook" It also said it was for her eyes only. She carefully skimmed the pages picking up words thaht explained her situation.After she was finished she ran outside hapily with the new kimono that apeared on her body.
Louis was passed out in Alexis's arms.

"Hey what happened to Lulu?" she asked.

"He's just a bit tired. What's with the kimono and marks?" Alexis asked back

"I'm the Bearer of the Message, whats whit yours?" Sammy said cheerily

"I'm the Bearer of Secret." Alexis said and sighed.

"And Louis's?" Sammy continued the conversation.

"I'm not sure" Alexis finished. Sammy thought she heard something coming from Lulu's area so concentrated on it.

"Oh, it looks like I've put a little too much strain on Lulu's body. I must learn to control myself better, though i thoughht I was doing a good job controlling myself last time...." Blake rambled in Louis's head.

"W-w-who's there?" she asked nervously.

"What are you talking about?"Alexis asked.

"Someone can here me?" Blake chuckled.Sammy was shaking like a wet dog. Louis's eyes shot open but they were purple instead of their ussual blue.

"Who are you? What have you done to my brother?" she said, tears welling in her eyes. The purple set of eyes glanced up at her forhead and Blake chuckled out loud using Louis's body. Alexis got off the swing imeadiatly.

"Your the one who hurt him aren't you" she cried. Sammy started glowing white and winged sandels appeared on her feet and a halo above her head. "Leave my brother alone you demon!" she yelled out. Her fingers made a triangle on her forehead and a beam of light shot at Louis's body. His body vanished. "Wha-"She felt a hand on her shoulder.

"You wouldn't dare hurt me in your dear brother's body now would you?" He smiled. "I am Blake Juia Scars and for your information I am Louis's last resort, not his enemie. I now see why you can hear me I'll try to be more quiet." Blake winked and gave Louis back control of his body which instantly fell but Sammy caught it.


Chapter 6: Last resort?

"Hello Dream Shinigami. You must be the one who set me free from my prison. I give you my thanks." she smirked at Louis. He clenched his teeth.

"Long ago I was imprisoned in that lamp for stealing and killing one's loved one right from their dreams. Though they no longer remember their relationship it is an unforgivable crime, even for myself. For you to go home you must trap me back in the lamp and for me to be free forever all I have to do is kill one clumsy newbie Dream Shinigami. It hardly seems fair." She smirked a pulled out a sword.

She slashed mercilessly at louis, each cut digging dipper into his frail flesh. His forehead felt like it was on fire and no matter how hard he tried he couldn't dodge her attack. HE knew death was inevitable but he needed to live, he needed to survive to see his sisters and brother just one more time.... Eupie pinned him to the ground. She was about to pound her sword into his chest when time frooze and a voice spoke to Louis.

"Do you wish to live?" an ominous voice echoed from the walls of the cave.

"OF COURSE I WANT TO LIVE! DON'T TAUNT ME!" he yelled at the darkness. More pain searing across his wounds as he spoke.

"Would you rather live and vanish from everyone except your family or die and never be seen anywhere on earth again?" the voice asked. It was female.

"Live!But what do you mean...vanish......" he said losing his strength. He was fading. He could no longer see anything.

"Very well. Last Resort Level 2. Restriction level Decreation to 4" the voice finished.

A bright light flashed across his sight. His wounds healed by themsleves leaving small scars. Time started again. Sudden strength filled Louis. As Eupie heaved her sword at his chest he easily caught it with his hand and ripped it out of her hand. The sword made clanging noises as it skidded across the rock floor.

"WHAT IS THIS? THIS ISN'T POSSIBLE!" Eupie screamed terrified.

"Oh but it is Miss." Louis chuckled happily. "Looks like Lulu needs me already. I'm surprized. It's only his first day,it hasn't even been 24 hours yet and I already get to have fun. He sure is a magnet for trouble" Louis smiled,though it wasn't his voice.

"WHO ARE YOU!?!? Wait.....why are you eyes purple...i thought they were blue.." she screamed out at Louis's body.

"I am Blake Juia Scars and my name is the name you shall take to the grave." he said happily.

Euphie had sudden confidince."The last person who tried to defeat me only locked me up and ended up dead. You won't be much different." she scoffed.

"Very well. You shall continue to lie to the grave and so I have released all my sympathy for your sinful soul. May you enjoy your room in hell, Euphie" he said like he was wishing her a happy vacation in Hawaii. A sword came out from his arm, cutting his flesh in its way. It was dripping in blood but Blake showed no sign of pain.

"Your image shall no longer haunt the nightmares of others." Blake told her before plunging his sword into her heart. Eupie stated coughing blood and stopped breathing shortly after. Blake walked over
to the lamp and picked it up.

"I have finished my mission." Blake said quietly and the lamp glew purple. Blake apeared outside on the swing.

"My job is done Lulu" he smiled and the eyes faded back to blue. Louis fainted.


Chapter 5: Search and find

Louis continued walking in paths of sand untill he heard voices coming form a nearby temple. He litsened carefully.

"It's gone! Now Master Eupie must be free! She will lift us out of poverty and above royalty. We shall be her knights and she shall help her loyal servants!" a man yelled.

"Aye!" others cheered in response.

Louis thought about it and relized how important that lamp might be to protect the people. He was going to rush off to find it righht away but men started leaving the temple. Hew hid behind a column and decided that they might lead him to the lamp, and Eupie so he followed them. He hid in the shadows of sand dunes following the silent stepping servants of Eupie. It seemed like hours but they arrived at a rock cave that seemed to have been buried under a sand dune. He followed the servants inside. The walls had many weird markings on them. They servants turned around to check their numbers. One spotted Louis

"There is a spy here!We must dispose of him!" The man cried.

"Aye!" The others responded angerly. Louis decided to try out what he did on the gaurds. He took off his cap.

"I, Louis McTrelo, Dream Shinigami, order you all to leave here imedaitly." he said. His forehead felt white hot again. It was burning, he wouldn't be able to handle doing this another time. All of the men's eyes glew red.

"Of course Dream Shinigami." they awnsered and filed out of the cave.

Louis satrted to explore the depthes of the cave. There were many colorful hieyroglyphes decroting the wall that seemed to light its dark recesses. He entered a tunnel thaht lead to an open chamber. On the middle of the floor was a golden lamp. Louis was going to grab it but than he noticed the dark female figure next to it smirking at him.


Louis McTrelo's Profile

Name:Louis McTrelo

Title: Dream Shinigami