Part two

I was texting Sam when I heard something slam. I turned my head to see the
older looking girl with her fist on the table.
“Ok listen up!” she yelled fore everyone’s attention. “I am Insomnia hakuno
and I will be the your teacher from now on you got that.” she ordered, mainly
to the boy’s. We all nodded. “Ok I want each of you to tell me your name and
what type animal you are starting wit…” she said pointing a pail finger
the to the fragile looking one. “My name is Mary Contolgo and I’m a panther.”
she said with small frail voice. It was almost as frail as she looked. “Now you.”
Insomnia pointed at me. “Uh m-my name is Griselda Manse and I’m also a
panther.” I said shyly. “You.” she pointed to the girl with random clothes on.
“Deiara Ichima. I’m a wolf.” she said looking at Mary. “I already know you
guy’s so introduce yourselves to your new room mate’s.” she said to the boy’s.
The one that was bunking with me got up first. “My name is Pedro Navarro
and I’m a jaguar.” The one that got the top bunk got up next. “I’m Jason Humano
And I’m a fox.” The red head got up next. “I’m John Milona and I’m an eagle.”
The one that insulted me got up. “I’m Ricardo Navarro and I’m a cheetah.”
The last one that bunked with Insomnia got up. “And I’m Ralph Montes. I’m a Wolf.”