Ok one day me and a frend of mine thoght it woghld be fun to make owr own storys and then later on in each one of owr storys we will end up combinding them and well this is where my story will be first it will be Grsaldas version and I'll work my way up to the other vershions and if I know you well enoghf then I will ask you if you want to be a character in my story but if your just some one that want's to be in a story tell me your hair and eye color along with egit and the way you act around others but do be warned I will not take any crap from people who don't like my story so if you no liky my story don't coment
thank you verry much and pleace enjoy Scarlet Kiss

Part two

I was texting Sam when I heard something slam. I turned my head to see the older looking girl with her fist on the table. “Ok listen up!” she yelled fore everyone’s attention. “I am Insomnia hakuno and I will be the your...

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Part one

This summer started off like any other would but , I was thousands of miles away from my real home. I used to live in New York when I was forced to move here to blinding California. Me and my family moved here because my mom was offere...

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