Hello There curious reader! Enjoy reading about the serious (random) tales of scarborough and her friends. This is written by Hell :) and all characters belong to her.

*Scarborough runs over and tackles Hell out off her seat*

S- We're people too you fiend!
H-Arragh don't kill me I'm your creator
S- Well you did an awful job just look at me blue hair, Seriously?!!?
H- Holy Macaroni I've gone mad, I'm talking to my self
*Scarborough slaps Hell in walks off in an angry mood*

Thanks for reading this short play-movie, Hell was hurt in the making of this film-drama.

Enjoy the legend of scarborough!

(Da picture is of scarboroug and her friend Fayre)

SS wish list

If you have me as a secret Santa here's a bunch of things that might come in helpful!

Favourite Anime:
Soul Eater
Ride back
Full Moon
Lovely Complex
The world god only knows
Ouran high school host club

Favourite Manga:
Earl and Fairy
A devil and her love song
Sand Chronicles
Hana Kimi

Video Games:
Professor Layton
Drawn 1&2
Walking Dead
Red Steel
Just Dance

Other stuff I like:
Cello and Bass Guitar
Doctor Who
How I met your Mother
Big Bang theory

I also have some Ocs such as Nai Hina and Kaki Quinn which you find out about on my portfolio!

I wouldn't mind if you wanted to draw a character I mentioned in my art any of those would be fine :)

Thanks :)