Hello There curious reader! Enjoy reading about the serious (random) tales of scarborough and her friends. This is written by Hell :) and all characters belong to her.

*Scarborough runs over and tackles Hell out off her seat*

S- We're people too you fiend!
H-Arragh don't kill me I'm your creator
S- Well you did an awful job just look at me blue hair, Seriously?!!?
H- Holy Macaroni I've gone mad, I'm talking to my self
*Scarborough slaps Hell in walks off in an angry mood*

Thanks for reading this short play-movie, Hell was hurt in the making of this film-drama.

Enjoy the legend of scarborough!

(Da picture is of scarboroug and her friend Fayre)

SS wish list

If you have me as a secret Santa here's a bunch of things that might come in helpful!

Favourite Anime:
Soul Eater
Ride back
Full Moon
Lovely Complex
The world god only knows
Ouran high school host club

Favourite Manga:
Earl and Fairy
A devil and her love song
Sand Chronicles
Hana Kimi

Video Games:
Professor Layton
Drawn 1&2
Walking Dead
Red Steel
Just Dance

Other stuff I like:
Cello and Bass Guitar
Doctor Who
How I met your Mother
Big Bang theory

I also have some Ocs such as Nai Hina and Kaki Quinn which you find out about on my portfolio!

I wouldn't mind if you wanted to draw a character I mentioned in my art any of those would be fine :)

Thanks :)

NEW YEAR?!??!!

I just stayed up all night waiting for the clock to strike 12! Long movies, anime, coffe and some chocolate sertanly helped! Now it's 2013..... Time flies when your not paying close attention!!! I have a good feeling about this year (13 is my lucky number )
Aah I can hear the fireworks! Which are not helping me trying to get to sleep

Happy 2013 everybody! Have a wonderful new year!!

Merry Christmas

I hope you all have a awesome Christmas! Enjoy yourselves and have fun!

(Sorry it's so short!?!)

The boy called Jace

It had been a year since Robin and I was going to camp again. My sister was with me and everything felt different, good somehow. At the camp I started to talk to a boy named Jace. He seemed to have all the same interests as me, gaming, manga all that kind of stuff. After a day I had a small crush on him. When walking to our groups he pointed to a girl in a grey jumper.

"Hey Scarborough," he said to me, " I think I have a crush on her, she's super cute and has a great personality." I turned and looked at the girl only to see he was pointing at my younger sister CC. My heart was crushed.

Later on I found out that he asked my sister to the disco and was rejected. After that he started to ask every girl in my group if they would go with him. They all said no thinking he was a player.

However he never asked me, because to him I was only a friend.....

The boy named Robin

It was summer term, I was going to a camp with my best friend Fayre. We rode on the train with a few other people who were going there too. My younger sister CC was also with us. When I sat down I was on the window seat and behind me was Cc and Fayre, and on the left side of them was a boy called robin. I can't say he was gorgeous but to me he was, he had silvery blue eyes and chocolate curly brown hair. Almost straight away I could tell that I had fallen for him. Over the week I got to know him better. He had a friend called Tom who asked Fayre out to the disco at the end of the week. She cried over it and declined in the end.

That was the end of the drama. Robin never asked me and it felt like he like loved Fayre. When the last daycame we rode the train home and Fayre got Robin's number. But I was to shy to ask. At the gate to leave I looked back at him to see a sweet smile with glinting blue eyes. He waved and the left, as if he had forgotten about completely.
That was the last time I ever saw him.

A month later I confessed to Fayre that I loved Robin and wanted his number to keep in contact. She laughed at me shaking her telling repeatedly telling me that I was a fool. Later I was told by my friend Chloe that Fayre also loved Robin. Ever since that dayI have never talked to him Again. And he's probably forgotten about me. After all this time...