A LOONNG time everyone... ^^; sorry~

Okies well I'm back! After a pretty long absence ^^:;; It's just that I don't really like the new otaku anymore...people have all moved to DA because of it not coming back because of it...T____T
So well here I am ^^
I've officially decided I'll comment and look around more because I want to try and bring this site back to life again! Maybe bring people back, even.
So I've had a pretty tough week...mostly concerning my art class because my thoughts sometimes get ahead and people dismiss it all the time...
(Be prepared for a rant, hopefully not too long)
Okies well I got to my art class in 3rd period and I was already having trouble finishing my final draft of my watercolor painting because the first portion had already turned out pretty bad.
The typical case is that I have an idea but the art teacher always wants me to change it so it suits his idea(and usually I don't like it because he doesn't use it as a suggestion he says "DO IT").
I ask him for help on how I could possibly fix it and he doesn't say anything and starts painting on my FINAL DRAFT -______________-X
It's not like I didn't have scratch paper right there either! He just started painting RIGHT on it! -_________-X
And I felt sooo mad because I just wanted him to give some suggestions on how I could fix it! Not to mention it was my final!
While he was painting on my final, he said "and this is what you do next." and looked at me for a second then KEPT ON PAINTING. And I said "Um...Mr. O that's not the idea I had in mind...can I explain what my idea was?"
And then what he said next REALLY made me mad.
"Well I asked you a question when I looked at you and you didn't answer so I took that as my cue to keep on painting."
*takes a deep breath*
Sorry everyone, I'll calm down, gomen ne ^^;;;
My painting was already messed up enough already...he leaves and then I try and call him back so I can explain for a second time. The first time I tried to call him back he said "JUST PAINT, QUIT STALLING and MOVE ON."
The second time I tried he FINALLY came and he didn't let me explain so I just started to explain anyway.
When he FINALLY got it all he said was
EVERYTHING was going wrong already so I just decided to break the rules and start over(even though he never gave me permission.)
it's just the way I think...people say I'm a little too open-minded and they say it's a good thing but I really don't know T____T
But my perspective on art is, no matter what anyone tells you do it the way YOU want to. Even if it was the president I would still do it the way I wanted to do it.

Wow...that was a really long rant, gomen ne everyone ^^;;
I'll make sure the next post isn't so dramatic ^^;;;;;;;;
And hopefully I can keep getting to work on my art trades because it's REALLY difficult considering how much time it takes up ^^;;; but I'll get a lot done because it's a 3-day weekend for me! ^^
Take care everyone!~