Back!~ And Happy Easter!

I lost a subscriber 0____o
That was random =P
Happy Easter everyone!!~ ^^ I'm really really sorry I've been gone for awhile but there's a history research paper that's had me SOOOO busy! I'm back though, so hopefully I'll be able to come on more often ^^
Otaku has become soo dead...a lot of my friends have left to DA and don't pm, post or comment anymore T____T
But anyways!~ To start off, I had a picnic today with my neighbors! ^^ VERY good food(we had sandwiches) and pastries and other things! ^^ It was a nice way to start the morning.
There isn't too much that's been happening 0___o but we had bunny cookies and they were tasty ^^
I've been having such an art slump lately and I can't seem to draw properly...I try and think up new poses but mine always end up being the I've been trying to come up with something different but it's not exactly working T___T I'll try and think up something and post soon though! Don't worry!
Well anyways~ TALK TO ME if you want of course ^^ I'll be here to reply! Take care everyone and Happy Easter!