A bit of news~

Well, again there isn't THAT much to say today ^^; I'm going to be simple and straight with this post today~ *nods*
First off, I made up my mind about one of the things I listed in the last few posts and I decided to try and be on good terms with Victoria again because for one it was getting tiring to have her send people after me because she wouldn't talk to me herself. The other reason is that it was kind of hard to have this guilty feeling, so I was planning to talk to her today and set the terms straight.
Surprisingly, she talked to me first. She said "I'm just really tired of fighting and having to avoid you and other people so let's just be friends again or at least on good terms, k?"
EXACTLY what I hoped to hear, and she apologized to me for sending people to me and for what she said about me.
So, we're on good terms right now. I'm not too keen on being all "best friends forever" with her again because I'll still need some time to adjust because I haven't talked to her in about a month.

On a REALLY happy note, at LEVEL 95 to end, I HAVE OFFICIALLY BEATEN KINGDOM HEARTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!~~~ ^^ I was sooooo happy!! ^^ I also beat Sephiroth and it didn't take very long~ ^^
But what depressed me was that Sora FINALLY found Riku and Mickey and then they had to stay behind the Kingdom Hearts door and fight off the darkness after ALL of that! Not to mention, Sora and Kairi ended up being separated in the end T____T It was really sad, especially when Riku told Sora to take care of Kairi T____T
So! My next goal is to get Kingdom Hearts CoM and Kingdom Hearts 2!!~~ ^^ YAY! I absolutely can't wait! *squeals*

And on a REALLY sad and kind of annoyed note, suicide posts, "I want to leave because everyone hates me and I'm no good in this world" posts, are starting to come back again after a break from them. I REALLY don't like it when people say they want to kill themselves because I think that it's absolutely one of the most selfish acts anyone could do for the people that care about them. I just wish that they would think and have more faith in life and just not see all of the bad stuff. On top of that, when that happens people get misunderstood and they start assuming things that aren't even talked about. *sighs*
I'm really sorry about that rant but seriously, the past experience with Priestess was not helping when these situations started coming up again.
T_____T *sigh*

And I'm going to try to work more with colored pencils and think more about how I color with them and maybe even work on my style a lot more! I've recently gotten inspiration to do watercolors so I'm going to try and practice that~ along with that, I've also had a sudden surge of wanting to work on my manga and develop my storyline more ^^ *jumps around* and so I'm feeling really happy about a lot of things right now ^^
Gosh, this post ended up being really long 0_____o Take care everyone and thankies for the wonderful comments, hugs and faves they made me feel even happier! *huggles you all* I'll definitely have to do my part and return the favor~ See you everyone!