It's been awhile!!!~

I'm drawing further and further away from theotaku T____T It's becuase everything's so new and it's a little more disorganized...I kind of don't like it much anymore.
I'll get myself back into the "otaku" vibe but I can't just go around and find people's profile's anymore like I used to on myotaku I have to go find something in their portfolio or something like that...*sighs*
But! I'll get used to it!
I'm submitting a new piccy right now~ hopefully it shows up soon ^^
I hope everyone starts coming back! Otaku seems more and more dead as I go >___< like I barely hear from a lot of the people on here and I don't know if they know I'm here because I don't get a pm or comment saying they're here...
Or maybe I'm just being paranoid ^^;;;;
I'll just have to be patient!~ I know you guys wouldn't leave me alone here(though some of my friends have left for DA but I sure hope you guys stay)~
Well it'll be a short post today ^^ Take care you guys!