Fanart SS for Valentine's Day OPEN!<3 + 2012 Art Summary!

Fanart SS Valentine's Day Event 2013- Look here!<3

Hello everyone!!~ Gosh, it's been a little bit hasn't it? haha
I was aiming to finish this last huge drawing before 2012 ends, but I don't think that's going to happen given how long it's taken to do these past 5 parts(only 5/9 done @[email protected]). I'm aiming to have it done by New Year's day though, so be prepared!
I'm jumping onto the bandwagon as well for the 2012 Art Summary..which currently has almost nothing and is kinda disappointing, but here it is!

And yeah. This is the first time I've had a month where I either didn't submit or didn't draw ANYTHING. T__T October is a special one--it was an ATC for a friend(and you'll get to see it later, in a huge collection of ATCs I've been working on, that is haha<3). April is a WIP and I sadly can't find a way to color the rest of it T__T
SO MUCH HAPPENING. It was probably my busiest year yet haha, particularly in the summer. Though I can say a lot happened in the pencil quality department, which I'm proud of, color didn't really return until December(my other color piece was in January LOL). No improvement really...though I can say it's better in terms of general detail work compared to last year. Speed is my main goal though in this next year! Along with emotions and backgrounds, of course!

I also did a meme on DA for the first time with my OC Miharu!! >.<

Otherwise...yes, SS admissions are OPEN for the Valentine's Day SS so I hope you all jump in and join us!! ^^ I'll be participating this year, and I will hope that my fellow co-host Ryuchu will too, so it'll be lots of fun! I'll be sending out some invites tomorrow but ANYONE can join! ^^

Not much else aside from that! I'll do my best to finish this huge piece come New Year's, so be prepared!

Oh! And I'll update about my Christmas later haha, there's too much happening in this post already. xD

I think it'll be fun this year so I hope you all join in!<3

Take care everyone!!<33