2011 art summary

Ah fail 2011 art summary >.<

The year was all about experimentation for me... I went into this year with two things in mind: Experimenting and consistency.
Did I achieve either? Not really. xD

But I did try to experiment with a number of things, as you can probably tell from this. None of the drawings really look alike in terms of media and some minor details except maybe the pencil ones.

I can happily say that I'm pretty comfortable with my pencil style though, so now I have a base to work with for my pencil art. ^^

In the realm of color...no progress in the realm of how comfortable I am. T__T
I tried mixing pencil/CG this year for the first time, and I think I can say that my colored pencil skills have improved, but other than that, I can't say much. T___T

I will work harder for 2012! >.<

Oh and the year isn't over yet! I've still got a Secret Santa gift and hopefully another pic or two to post before the year ends! >.< Here goes! Take care everyone~!