Dear Secret Santa,

Hello hello!~ I know I'm the host LOL but I'm just writing up my wishlist here ^^
In any goes!

Dear Secret Santa,

I'm a person who loves to give many options so the other person may choose the one most to his/her liking. ^^ So don't be surprised by the options haha! I'd love any of them equally, so don't feel pressured to choose one over the other.

For media, I don't really care haha. I love ALL forms of art, so even if all you do is pencil, rest assured, I'll love it. ^^ <3 I'm a bit of a pencil artist myself anyways lol

Just a note, I don't like horror/gore/explicit/sexual and same goes for yaoi/yuri >.<

Characters I like(please feel free to do any of the characters alone as well)
1)Shirayuki and Zen from Akagami no Shirayukihime together(as a couple). Their clothes are really ornate(and changes a lot), so that's a bit of a challenge haha but you're welcome to design whatever you'd like for them.

Please take note of Shirayuki's super bright red hair(if you've never seen her before xD) and that Zen is a prince(so they both often wear regal clothing). Sorry for lack of refs but this manga isn't super popular yet haha.
Zen and Shirayuki-[link] [link] [link]

2)Alice Liddell and Blood Dupre together from Heart No Kuni no Alice/Alice in the Country of Hearts.
You can also do Alice and Julius. But really I'm not picky so you could do any of them by themselves too if you wanted xD
Alice-->[link] [link] [link]
Blood-->[link] [link]
Julius-->[link] [link] [link]

3)Ogami Rei with or without Sakura Sakurakouji from Code: Breaker. His personality is kinda cold and he is very serious, but he does smile sometimes, so keep all of that in mind please. >.<
Ogami Rei--->[link] [link] [link]
Sakura Sakurakouji(the girl)-[link]

4)Alice Seno and Kyo Wakamiya from Alice 19th (or either of them by themselves)
Alice and Kyo--->[link] [link] [link]

Or anyone from the list I have on this World in the Intro post!~

My characters
1)My OCs, Kurosawa Itou and Inoue Miharu together.
You're also welcome to draw either of them separately.
Itou-->[link] [link](<<-art by 15385Bic)
Miharu(girl on the right)--->[link]
Both of them together(Miharu's hair is more accurate in this one)-->[link]
Sorry I don't have more refs of them OTL.
You have complete artistic freedom with them!(and don't worry about outfits..I'd actually be curious to see what you'd design for them) They don't have any official outfits haha.

2)My Kingdom Hearts Fan Character, Riiya. She has more of a sweet personality, which is the main thing I guess you'd need to know about her. If you couldn't tell from the second ref lol she really likes Cloud, but it's not reciprocated(though she wishes it were, of course). You can draw them together if you'd like, as well(with Cloud in his KH1 outfit please, despite the second ref below xD).
Refs:[link](<<-old pic omg...) [link](<<-art by FUNimation)
Again, don't mind outfits! You have complete artistic freedom ^^

1)I REALLY love emotional, somewhat romantic, sweet and magical themes. So anything along the lines of angels/purity, greek myths, magic and fantasy are great, if you don't like any of the above options. ^^

2)Here's also a list of couples I like: [link]
The ones with hearts next to them are the ones I'd LOVE to see art of ^^

Anddd I'm pretty sure that's it!<3 I hope you have fun, THAT is the most important part. So please take your time and enjoy yourself! >.< Thank you SO SO much for the time and effort you're putting into this! I appreciate it so much! Take care!<3