Voice meme complete!

Agh I'm so embarrassed by this haha...

Hello everyone~! Couple of things to note before you listen to my voice meme:

1)It is REALLY REALLY loud, so as soon as you open it, turn the volume down way low(and also my singing ended up sounding a lot louder than it actually did so you can hear the sickness/nervousness in my voice a lot more with the loudness OTL).

2)When I speak to people, especially in America, I try to say Japanese/Korean things in an Americanized accent so they can follow me even though I naturally like to speak with it in the original language... forgive me for my Americanized-sounding and my original-language-sounding pronounciation switch-ups throughout the meme when I say names and titles. xD I couldn't decide which one to use haha!

3)I was pushing it a bit on the singing, mostly because I'm kinda sick(recovering from being sick) and also nervous LOL.

4)I was REALLY wth at the "southern accent" questions xD because I don't have one!

5)It's really long. About 45min to be exact, so if you want to know the order in which I answered the questions to sorta scroll around and find your part, here it is:

The singing is at the very beginning xD(one Disney song, part of one Korean song)

moonlit dream
Yours Truly

And thank you to everyone on this list who asked questions/requested! xD My singing wasn't that good today because I'm still recovering from being a bit sick but yeah~ I hope it'll suffice.

Sorry if I sound a bit obnoxious or something! >.< I worry about that sometimes haha.

6)I'll record my singing/playing piano properly TOGETHER (when I'm NOT recovering from a sickness haha) for you, Akioh-chan. LOL

Click here for the voice meme!

Enjoy! >.<