Hello everyone~ the title is somewhat true.
I REALLY want to vent about some things that I have been patient with(that aren't really too big of a deal), but I'm gonna hold my tongue and take it. >.< If I'm gonna be a host for an event, it'd be best not to throw myself out there as someone really negative lol. So no worries~

In any case, I'm sorry it's been a while since I've posted! But I'm going to be quick with this one. ^^ Just letting you all know(who don't know already), that I've decided to host a Secret Santa event as seen HERE for drawings only.
Thanks so much to everyone that has joined so far!<3 Most of you are invites xD but I'm happy with all of the people that have wanted to be a part of it! 40 people is definitely more than I ever anticipated for this event >.< Especially considering that I'm not exactly popular on this site haha.

On the other hand, I'm being killed so badly by the amount of reading I have to do. OTL It's just been reading ALL the much so that I don't even have time to review it and take notes T__T I wish I were a super fast reader(and an avid reader that liked to read at that)'d make this SO much easier.

Otherwise though, thanks everyone for being patient with me~ I'm sorry it's been like forever and a half since I've submitted something here lol. But I promise you I'm working on stuff >.< Maybe I've gotta work haha.
But um..what else...

Well I went to my very first football game ever today! It was the Gators(Florida) vs. Commodores(Vanderbilt) today and it was SO much fun! I was surprised haha considering I only like football to a certain extent. Even the halftime show was great ^^ I had a really nice time!(90144 people attended! @[email protected])

That's all for me~! Take care everyone!