Going through some thoughts....

And wondering what I should do about several things.

The first is that I'm not sure if I've completely let go of the fact that Victoria doesn't want to be friends with me or not. I'm wondering if I should keep trying to let go or make a last dish attempt to befriend her again, even with the circumstances.

The second is if I should try and change my character into somehting completely different...maybe try and be more social and talk and try to make conversations to maybe be more well-known around the school...it'll be tough but I'm wondering if I should try and do so.

The last is that there's this guy I think I like at my school. I don't know for sure if I do, but I think I'm stuck between him and Chris. It's a pretty big debate and I'm not sure what to do. But I have no classes with this guy and probably no chance...so that's also something I'm thinking about. And I might have to change a few of my ways just to even get to meet him.

WHOA that whole thing sounded absolutely RIDICULOUS now that I've read it but that's all I can think about right now. I've been drawing a lot to get my mind off of these things among other things as well and so far it's not working too great. I'll have new art posted soon, probably today so be on the lookout as well ^^
But I have decided that I miss the old otaku. Even though there were issues about being featured and everything now it just seems like everything is so disorganized...I can barely find anything and look at my friend's art and subscribe, now all the subscriptions, artist trackers and post updates are mixed up X_____x
But! I'll see what I can do *nods*
Sorry for the long rant yet again ^^;;;;;;;;;;;;; I'll make it up to you guys sometime for you putting up with my ranting =P Take care everyone *huggles you*
Quick question for you all!
1)Any opinion on what I should choose?