Quiet Sunday Morning

Hello everyone~ as the title says, it's a quiet sunday morning...kind of cold and a bit chilly from last night's rain but nonetheless, it's a nice day ^^ It's been a week since I posted, so I thought it best to say hello to you all!! I've been getting around to comment this morning for about the past hour and a half, so yeah..productivity, yay! ^^ And it's nice to comment such nice works too >.<

I'm looking most forward to spring break coming April 2nd, but until then, it will be absolute chaos! I'm hoping I can change that, though...if I work hard enough, hopefully the tide will come my way and I can have a fantabulous spring break! ^^ It helps to look at you guys' works to remind me what art I have left to create...it pushes me more to make time in my day to practice ^^
So thank you all for being such wonderful inspirations to me!~ You are such wonderful friends and I can't thank you enough >.<

That being said, I have a random impulse to write down some couples that I absolutely adore...no idea why, but lately I've been wanting to see a list of couples I really like xD Do not kill me please if there is something here you do not agree with >.< Ones with hearts are absolute favorites that make my heart melt sometimes xD Although, know I'm pretty flexible...I like almost any couple really xD

SanoxMizuki(Hana Kimi)<33
OgamixSakura(Code: Breaker) <33
ShirayukixZen (Akagami no Shirayukihime) <33
KikixMitsuhide (Akagami no Shirayukihime)
RenxKyoko (Skip Beat!)<33
IkutoxAmu(Shugo Chara)<33
KukkaixUtau(Shugo Chara)
BloodxAlice(Alice in the Country of Hearts)<33
JuliusxAlice(Alice in the Country of Hearts)
NatsumexMikan (Gakuen Alice)
HowlxSophie(Howl's Moving Castle)<333
KarinxKazune(Kamichama Karin)
IchigoxAoyama(Tokyo Mew Mew)
RetasuxRyou(Tokyo Mew Mew)
SinbadxJeanne/ChiakixMaron(Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne)<33
FinxAccess(Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne)
AshxMisty(Pokemon)-I don't mind AshxMay, but I don't absolutely love them either xDD
YuugixTea(Yu Gi Oh)
KaibaxKisara(Yu Gi Oh)<33
KyoxAlice(Alice 19th)<33
SuzakuxYuffie(Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion)<33
HainexTakanari(The Gentleman's Alliance Cross)<33
SoraxKairi(Kingdom hearts)
RoxasxNamine(Kingdom hearts II)<33
KitamixYukina(Watashi ni XX Shinasai!)<33
SakuraxSyaoran(Cardcaptor Sakura/Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles)
MasexAki(Kimi ga Suki)
KenshinxKaoru(Rurouni Kenshin)<33
YusukexKeiko(Yu Yu Hakusho)
AshexVaan(Final Fantasy XII)
AshexRasler(Final Fantasy XII)<33
TidusxYuna(Final Fantasy X)<33
SerahxSnow(Final Fantasy XIII)<33
SerenaxDarien-or UsagixMamoru(Sailor Moon)
ReenixHelios-or ChibiusaxHelios(Sailor Moon)
AthrunxCagalli(Gundam SEED)<33

If I think of more, I'll add to this later xD Mostly this was for my own reference..but you guys can use it for future reference as well =P As you can probably tell, I'm mostly a typical Canon couple kind of person... not so much into the guyxguy thing, but not against it either. So anyways, I hope that lets you know a tad bit more about me ^^ Take care everyone! And have a wonderful Sunday!<3