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Lovely card above by the incredible Angel Zakuro!<3 Thank you!<3

Hiya everyone~ ^^ Welcome to my little world!
This is probably just a place where I'll put my posts and such~ otherwise, probably not much is going to happen here ^^;
And the rest, I'll leave to you guys!~ Enjoy~

Art trades: Closed(sorta)
Requests: Closed
Gifties: Open(but only at my discretion, naturally)

A bit of information about me:

Name: Sayura/Sayura-chan(so friends call me)
Birthday: October 14th
Age: 20
Hobbies: Drawing, golfing, archery, playing piano, singing(some) and some other things ^^

Likes in no particular order(manga/anime/movie/game-wise):
Howl's Moving Castle-Howl/Sophie
Final Fantasy Series-Cloud/Leon/Tidus/Yuna/Vaan/Rasler/Ashe/Serah
Kingdom Hearts Series-Cloud Strife/Riku/Roxas/Namine
Hana Kimi-Izumi Sano/Mizuki Ashiya
Code:Breaker- Ogami Rei/Sakura SakuraKouji/Hitomi/Toki/Hachiouji Rui
Tegami Bachi/Letter Bee- Gauche Suede/Lag/Jiggy Pepper/Aria /Zazie
Claymore- Miria/Isley/Clare/Riful/Teresa/Raki
Bleach- Kuchiki Rukia/Kuchiki Byakuya/Kurosaki Ichigo/Ishida Uryu/Toshirou Hitsugaya
Heart No Kuni No Alice-Blood Dupre/Julius Monrey/Alice Liddell
Gakuen Alice-Mikan Sakura/Natsume Hyuuga/Imai Subaru/Ruka Nogi/Tsubasa Ando
Rurouni Kenshin-Kenshin Himura/Sojiro Seta/Aoshi Shinomori
The Gentleman's Alliance Cross-Takanari Togu/Haine Otomiya
Alice 19th-Kyo Wakamiya/Alice Seno/Frey
Shugo Chara-Ikuto Tsukiyomi/Amu Hinamori
Yu Yu Hakusho-Kurama/Hiei/Yusuke
Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle-Fai D. Flourite/Syaoran Li
Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion-Lelouch Lamperouge
Gundam SEED-Athrun Zala/Cagalli Yula Atha
Watashi Ni XX Shinasai-Kitami Shigure

The list goes on to pretty much anything =P I've read many more manga so if you want to strike up a discussion about a mangaka/game/anime/movie creator on this list, don't be afraid to ask! I've looked at many works by each of the above authors/artists!

-My Deviantart(active)

Something random you should know: I LOVE it when people draw the character's personality is intact(in other words, unchanged)~ it really gives the picture a better feel because they act the same as they were made to be.

Quick life updates!~

Hello everyone!! Long time no see, huh? >.< I'm really sorry about the HUGE absence haha..this seems to keep happening. OTL

But yeah, Summer A has officially ended and so has Part 1 of my work as a tutor/volunteer in a Japanese class! I had a SUPER busy day yesterday meeting friends because I'm about to go away for a week starting tomorrow to visit my sister in Texas and see my dad! So that's going to be exciting. ^^

Anyways, about my time away...well let's just say there's been quite a bit going on. I've been trying not to shirk off my duties as a co-host for the Secret Santa X-mas in July event, so I'll probably end up doing some extra work to keep up here @[email protected] So far, there's been drama between two of my good friends because one of them likes the other while the other thinks the other is annoying(that's a lot of others in a row but anyways...), and I've been trying to encourage them both without infringing too much on either's space >.< It's tough! But they are both my good friends and even if it means I end up being hated by the two of them at my expense, I just want things to turn out well.

^Which is an awful thing to say, I know, but I don't know..I just care about them so much and just want the best for both of them no matter what!

So in any case, yesterday was a really busy day. I spent the first part of my day eating a final Summer A brunch at an Asian restaurant with my Japanese professor, some of her students and some of the other volunteers, and that was a lot of fun. ^^ It was also kind of emotional too...all of the students just came up and hugged me as I was leaving and some of them(including my professor) even wrote me thank you cards! @[email protected] I was just so surprised haha!<3 But I love them so much and they are all my new friends! ^^

After that, I went to Panera bread to practicing listening and speaking Japanese for close to 3.5 hours haha. It was REALLY exhausting on my brain to hear them speak so fast, but I tried! @[email protected] It went well though and I made some new friends!

THEN after that I had to drop my friends back on campus, so I stayed with them for a while before I had to meet up with my friend from high school to eat dinner and then watch Brave!<3 (which was a really good film by the way...I thought it wouldn't be that good, but it was surprisingly good!)

Other than that, it's been pretty crazy but also FUN~! I think this definitely has to be one of the best summers I've had! And I'm glad it's been busy ^^ I'm going to start tutoring this little girl in July along with my volunteering for Japanese class in Summer B and 2 other classes, so I hope it's not too overwhelming! But I think it'll be just enough busy-ness that I can tolerate! ^^

Art-wise, I obviously(if you guys couldn't tell already from my raving OTL) haven't made much time for it, but it's about time that I do! I've come to a revelation about what I want to do about my health, so I'm starting to act on it accordingly haha. I'm very excited and I hope you all are excited about how life is gong as well!

Things are looking up and looking good! ^^ Take care everyone!!<33

Reminder: 1 week left until admissions close/wishlists are due!

Hello everyone! Just a quick reminder about wishlists and such, which will be due on June 10th! ^^ The event will start soon, so I hope you're all excited! I'll be going around and adding more people's wishlists today~
I hope all is well and take care!<33

Less than 10 days left until the SS event admissions close!

Hello everyone! Just a quick reminder about the SS event to make sure that you all have an idea of what's happening with it! We've got almost 30 people participating, so yeah, if you could spread the word, that'd be awesome ^^ The more the merrier!<3 Summer is busy, so I do expect a bit less than for the winter SS event, but nonetheless, I think it's gonna be fantastic!

The admissions for the SS event close June 10th(which is also when wishlists are due!)~ so yep!

I hope all is well! I'll give you guys a life update later~
Take care!<3

Summer summer summer!

Hello everyone!! It's been a little while since a post, huh? haha I felt bad for posting so often, so I decided that finally it was a long enough time interval before I posted anything. And as such, I decided to post up a little update on what's been happening! ^^

So the main reason why I haven't been posting up is because I've been REALLY busy(but in a good way)! Last Monday on May 14th, I started volunteering in the summer intensive Beginning Japanese 1 class at my university, and I've been having SO much fun working with the other students! haha It's a bit strange though, since I'm younger than all of the people in the class xD But oh well~! They're my good friends now and I've been having lots of fun getting to know them all and help them out! I also get to see my sensei more haha, so that makes me VERY happy. It happens every weekday at 9:30(so I usually have to get up 2 hours earlier to include bus/walking/driving time OTL), but it's the best part of my days for sure!

On that note, two of the students who were really struggling in the class had asked for my help(which surprised me, since there are 5 other volunteers!), and so I've started tutoring them! They even offered to pay me, so I was really really taken aback haha. But it makes me happy that they would trust me enough for that.

Which reminds me, after working with them for about 2 weeks now, my sister and mom have been telling me that maybe I should not do journalism and maybe try to become a professor in something(Japanese maybe, as a suggestion from my sister?). It's interesting because I HAVE thought about it...but now I'm just really confused.

My sister is getting her wisdom teeth pulled right now, and I'm sitting here waiting in the lobby for her, so I'm a tad bit nervous, but I hope all goes well.

Oh, and I want to say we have a bit more than 20 people who are participating in the Secret Santa Christmas in July event that Ryuchu and I are hosting, so I'm really excited and hoping for more participants! Admissions are still open until June 10th, so yep! Thank you to all of you have told us you've wanted to participate/have gotten your wishlists up already! ^^ We're REALLY REALLY excited!<333

Also, special thanks to Anna-chan who made this GORGEOUS card for me to use as a banner for the World! It's really beautiful and deserves more love, so check it out!<3

Thank you so much everyone for everything! ^^ I'll be working on new art hopefully soon. But, I'll be going to Disney World in a few days! >.<
Take care and hope all is well!!~

[EDIT]Secret Santa Christmas in July event?

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EDIT: I was kind of astonished at the number of PMs/comments I got saying people were interested in the event! LOL So Ryuchu and I have decided to go through with it! The World has been created and Rules have been posted, so head HERE if you want to join!<3

Hello everyone~! Sorry for the really frequent postings! >.< But so much is happening this summer, it's hard not to haha. I was so negligent throughout the semester so... ^^;

Anyway, quick post!! Ryuchu and I were thinking of hosting a Secret Santa Christmas in July event! Generally speaking, the due date for art pieces will probably be July 25th to August 1st, and we'd probably start recruiting people for about two weeks to a month(to give about a month for art pieces). Depending on how many were interested, we'd look at how deadlines would work.

It'd probably be for fanart only, no cards or anything >.< sorry!
But yeah, we thought it could be really fun because a lot of people are starting to(or already have) let out for summer break! So people could even request summer (or Christmas lol) related things, like festivals or something if desired as well.

We thought it'd be a fun idea, but I'm just throwing this idea out there as a pitch to you guys. What do you all think? Would you join?

Also, I'm still thinking of continuing with my summer voice meme, which I'm still taking questions for right now lol, but if no more than 5 people comment with questions, I'll probably just post a song cover just for fun. xD

I don't know, what do you all think?

I hope all is going well for you! And again, sorry for the frequent postings! >.< Expect more art in the near future, though!

Take care!<3