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Lovely card above by the incredible Angel Zakuro!<3 Thank you!<3

Hiya everyone~ ^^ Welcome to my little world!
This is probably just a place where I'll put my posts and such~ otherwise, probably not much is going to happen here ^^;
And the rest, I'll leave to you guys!~ Enjoy~

Art trades: Closed(sorta)
Requests: Closed
Gifties: Open(but only at my discretion, naturally)

A bit of information about me:

Name: Sayura/Sayura-chan(so friends call me)
Birthday: October 14th
Age: 20
Hobbies: Drawing, golfing, archery, playing piano, singing(some) and some other things ^^

Likes in no particular order(manga/anime/movie/game-wise):
Howl's Moving Castle-Howl/Sophie
Final Fantasy Series-Cloud/Leon/Tidus/Yuna/Vaan/Rasler/Ashe/Serah
Kingdom Hearts Series-Cloud Strife/Riku/Roxas/Namine
Hana Kimi-Izumi Sano/Mizuki Ashiya
Code:Breaker- Ogami Rei/Sakura SakuraKouji/Hitomi/Toki/Hachiouji Rui
Tegami Bachi/Letter Bee- Gauche Suede/Lag/Jiggy Pepper/Aria /Zazie
Claymore- Miria/Isley/Clare/Riful/Teresa/Raki
Bleach- Kuchiki Rukia/Kuchiki Byakuya/Kurosaki Ichigo/Ishida Uryu/Toshirou Hitsugaya
Heart No Kuni No Alice-Blood Dupre/Julius Monrey/Alice Liddell
Gakuen Alice-Mikan Sakura/Natsume Hyuuga/Imai Subaru/Ruka Nogi/Tsubasa Ando
Rurouni Kenshin-Kenshin Himura/Sojiro Seta/Aoshi Shinomori
The Gentleman's Alliance Cross-Takanari Togu/Haine Otomiya
Alice 19th-Kyo Wakamiya/Alice Seno/Frey
Shugo Chara-Ikuto Tsukiyomi/Amu Hinamori
Yu Yu Hakusho-Kurama/Hiei/Yusuke
Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle-Fai D. Flourite/Syaoran Li
Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion-Lelouch Lamperouge
Gundam SEED-Athrun Zala/Cagalli Yula Atha
Watashi Ni XX Shinasai-Kitami Shigure

The list goes on to pretty much anything =P I've read many more manga so if you want to strike up a discussion about a mangaka/game/anime/movie creator on this list, don't be afraid to ask! I've looked at many works by each of the above authors/artists!

-My Deviantart(active)

Something random you should know: I LOVE it when people draw the character's personality is intact(in other words, unchanged)~ it really gives the picture a better feel because they act the same as they were made to be.

A bit of an update!~

Hiya you guys how are you all? ^^
Well golf practice has started for me and we've got our first match on Tuesday!! And guess what? I'm the NUMBER 1 PLAYER OMG 0___o I can't believe it at ALL!~ squee! So I'm really excited to have our first match!! ^^
Okies well for those that need it I have Riiya's KH1 design and Spare outfit posted on SoZ in color!!~ ^^ So go take a look if you want to see~
And also I've got a piccy up if you haven't seen it already *points to post below* ^^
I'm eating potato pancakes now so I have to cut this post short @[email protected] I'll see you later everyone take care!~

Sunday!~ ^^

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Blegh Sundays T___T
I should be excited to go to school but I have TONS of quizzes tomorrow OMG @[email protected] It's going to be CRAZY tomorrow 0___o
*points to the top* Yep I posted new art for those of you that wanted to see an update =P Thank you those that have commented/hugged/faved I can't thank you enough! And Ima-chan I'm so glad you love it that's the goal I wanted to achieve in making it! ^^ *huggles you*
Right now I'm doing history homework in hopes of having a free day for the rest of today so yeah =P I'm trying to work on my piccy of Riiya in her spare outfit and KH1 outfit but it's hard to multitask on this one @[email protected]
Oh and if I missed any of your updates(which I think I have I had a full new update list today T__T) let me know and I'll be sure to stop by and comment!~ ^^
Take care everyone~ I'm off for now! *huggles you all*
Oh and if any of you guys get the chance, listen to So Hot by Wondergirls and LOVE by Brown-Eyed Girls =P look them up! ^^

*waves* ^^

After a TERRIBLY busy week because of school I'm BACK!! ^^ Tropical storm Fay totally messed up our internet and then AT&T was being REALLY slow about fixing it so I finally got it all back up and running today!!~ I missed a TON of updates so I've only been able to comment a few of you guys sorry T___T But for this weekend expect lots of comments from me!~ ^^ I'll be sure to come around and check up on you guys' updates this weekend~!
For those that have art trades with me sorry I keep holding up I haven't had time to work on Riiya's color scheme much T___T But I'll have it posted by Sunday you guys I promise!!~ ^^
Currently I'm working on my half of the art trade with Ima-chan and I'm almost done with it~ =P I'll probably have it posted by tomorrow or Sunday so be on the lookout! ^^
Take care everyone and again I love to get messages so message me if you want to talk!! ^^ See you guys! *huggles you all*

Sorry ^^:;;

Hiya everyone~ I decided it's probably best I leave a post before I begin my day~
Well the day before yesterday I ended up having to work for 10 hours straight because I had apparently lost the answer sheet to this HUGE packet I had to do over the summer and I had to redo it ALL in one night(I STILL didn't get to finish *Sighs* oh well...)~ even so of course I've got other homework in other classes...
I thought I'd let you know I haven't been on much because I've been SO busy since Monday(homework in EVERY SINGLE SUBJECT EVERY SINGLE DAY...) and yeah I ended up only getting an hour of sleep on Tuesday night(thank you Sakurie-chan and Ima-chan for supporting me even though I was up late! I can't thank you two enough! *huggles you both*)and all of you guys for being there for me too!....BUT! The great news is, a tropical storm is hitting us DIRECTLY today! Hence the day off ^^ So yesterday I slept all day to recover my 1 hour of sleep night =P And now I feel much better ^^
Anyways I have to work all day today on homework/study for upcoming tests tonight ^^;;; so I'll be on, yes, but probably not able to comment gomen ne ^^;; until I finish my homework that is *sighs*
But I'll let you know I've been faving/hugging your updates and such and I've been trying my best to keep up~ you guys are doing such wonderful work on all of your pieces I love them all ^^ Take care everyone~

Busy... *falls over*

*waves tiredly* Hiya everyone @[email protected]
Hm..not a very good way to begin ^^; *goes back out door*
Hiya everyone!!~ I assume you all are doing well? ^^
Okay so I thought I'd leave a post and warn you guys I probably won't be putting up art much/posting and such because school is in 2 days! And I've still got a bit of homework left to finish up!(Reading The Scarlet Letter..ugh...)
Also I'm debating a bit about my KH fan manga...where it should be going I mean... I'm still confused as to where I want Riiya to go(I know where it begins but where it progresses is slightly tougher...)...and I've still got quite a few art things I've gotta do~
I just had a random thought...do guys think it'd be easier to keep in touch of people's updates and when they were on and such if there'd be like a globabl clock and one of those things that tells you if someone is online or not and how long ago they were offline? I find them kind of helpful on gaia and deviantart to find out when people are on but here(where I'm most active) it's such a hassle not having one @[email protected] especially since you can only catch something like 20 updates because of the update list, you miss updates too T___T Just those things I thought could maybe help improve the site or something =P
Moving on~
So as I was saying I start school in 2 days so I can't guarantee I'll be able to post a lot, I'll probably only be able to come on just to answer PMs(which I LOVE doing so message me if you wanna talk sometime! ^^)~
I hope you guys are doing great! *huggles you all* Take care!