The Sensei Challenge

Ch.1 The not-so-friendly wager.

Kakashi and Gai met at their normal spot and as usual Kakashi was late.

Gai: Isn’t he always?

Kakashi: Sorry I’m late. I had to help an old lady cross the street.

Gai: Lying is not youthful!

Kakashi: Did you say something?

Gai: *Fuming* Curse you and your hip ways! Anyway, I have a challenge for you.

Kakashi: What is it today? Rock paper scissors? Laps around the field?

Gai: It is a bet. Who can find a girlfriend first?

Kakashi: Hmm... That doesn’t seem very hard.

Gai: If I win you must wear a wedding dress for a full week.

Kakashi: And if I win you have to wear a speedo for a week.

Gai: Fine! Then it’s settled!

They shook on it. Gai stomped off, determined to beat his eternal rival. Kakashi, realizing his manliness was at stake, thought for a moment.

Kakashi: Girl…friend? Hmmm…