weird rite?

omg im suiddenly in love with sasuke all over again n i have no idea why but shikamaru is still way i htink i mite change this site to a shikamaru fangirl site....hmmmmmmmmmm

ok so

key gave me her account because she said that she dont lyk anime anymore and that she's into darker emo stuff so things shall be changed!!!!


agh!hes so damn hot!*sighs* man if he was only real!jokes! but if he was.. THATD BE SO TOTALY AWESOME!


ok thanx to mayra(bluhart) im also into tokio hotel!and im like in love with Bill!!!!!but evrythingz gud and im still a sasukefangirl and im still the same old me!

see?hes still awesome!*faints*


Why do you yell at me
when i didnt do anything
you tell me that im pathetic

You make me suffer from day to day
everytime you raise your voice
it gets harder for me to breath

it feels like no one needs me
anymore,i cry again and again without
you noticing,and the dark keeps
pulling me away

it just feels like i have no place
in this world you make me think
that you dont love me and dont care
for me

no matter how much i care for you and
help you,you just push me away and
leave me to cry and suffer

why should i live this life anymore
if i should leave just tell me so!
i cant take this pain your putting me
through you say ur not mad,but i
can see it in your eyes

because of you i cry myself
to sleep and it seemz you care for
someone else,why do you hate me so?

You dont see the pain im going through
and you make me feel like i want to
runaway and die