HI! I'm the leader, Kagura (aka kagurasohma621) and this is my co-leader, Tohru (aka Tohrushino)*waves hi* and we are hosting a club to show the world that SASUKE IS EMO! Even if he has good reasons to be, you cannot deny it! He wears black (his black clothes just look blue), he's ultra skinny, and he's always talking about revenge on Itachi! (I'm not sure whether to support Itachi for being Sasuke's enemy or to hate him for making Sasuke emo...)

Anyway, if you are a member, you will receive guest poster status, so you can tell people your reasons for saying Sasuke is emo! You can post pics, done by you, or you find on the internet! You can even write fan fics!

Current Members
kagurasohma621/ Kagura (leader)
Tohrushino/ Tohru (co-leader)
lunesoldier20/ Honto


Sasuke's Current Theme Song
"Crawling" by Linkin Park

Sasuke VS Log

Sasuke VS Log. Who will win?

External Image

Sasuke: I am of course.

Me: Right. -_- *throws log at Sasuke*

Len: *holds up sign that says "LOGGED"*

Sasuke: *goes to emo circle*

My way of sending Sasuke to the emo circle

First, a pic!

Me: Sasuke, your emo, and we all know it, so just admit it.

Sasuke: I have nothing to admit

Me: put your left hand on the bible. *holds up bible*

Sasuke: *suspicious* okaaaayyy... *puts left on the bible*

Me: Hold up your right arm

Sasuke: *reluctantly puts up arm*

Me: Repeat after me. "I swear to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth"

Sasuke: "I swear to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth"

Me: *reappears in a judges outfit* Now, are you emo?

Sasuke: um... I plead the 5th?

Me: you do know that only says 'yes', right?

Sasuke:... so what's my sentence?

Me: you are to go to the emo circle with Shadow the Hedgehog, Tamaki Suoh and them for however long you like that is over an hour

Sasuke: YAY! THANK YOU!... I mean... NOOOOOOOOOOO! *goes to emo corner with a new packet of razors*

The Emo Boy!!! XD

Sasuke's Emoness. What caused it? Two things come to mind, his entire family being killed by his older brother and the LOG!

The log, just like Itachi, has beatin him in everything, from being totally emotionless (more emo) to having more fan girls. Both have put him in a sorry case of depression and he tries to hide the fact that he is emo.

So we must say, don't be afraid to show your true colors!!

Sasuke: I'm not EMO!! How many times do I have to tell you?!

Me: Right. *points randomly* LOG!!

Sasuke: WHere?! I must prove I'm more EMO than the log!!

Me: There you have it, ladies and gentlemen, Sasuke emits he's emo.

Sasuke: :( *goes to emo corner*

Me: Whatever happened to the Emo Circle?

Sasuke: *goes to emo circle* Who cares? T.T

Emo Sasuke! O_O

External Image Da LOG! XD


Here's somethin'! ;)

Program: Congragulations! You have reached level 3!
Stamina increased by 2. Emo increased by 1.

Sasuke: Okay, lets see what my next mission is. *looks at mission log*

Mission log: Defeat the LOG.

Sasuke: Dammit!!