This is my workspace to let all others know the wonders and beauty of Akasuna no Sasori or Sasori no Danna...Enjoy my fanfics! please comment on any typos or anything. Thx!


WELL, to my Wifey that i love oh so much, i deticate this fail to you

Sasori: perfect puppet.

( my nauto characters name is koche pronounced: ko-ch-eh and is part of the hyuga clan as well as the akatsuki) It was too dark in our room to tell the time. I knew Sasori was asleep, so i couldnt talk to him...sigh..Another restless night....

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One day I stuffed all other Sasori fan/lovers into a ship and the pirates killed them all!... and...they all died... except 4 me because SASORI IS MINE! The End. (note: this is suposed to be funny. if you r a sasori lover *ahem* hes mine *cough, cough* do not get affended..or your a BAKA)