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as I started to unpack I noticed I hadn't forgotten my kitty ears head band......

kuruyami: *puts them on* hehehe! I missed these things! *starts to unpack more* *gets out a dress (like the one yui wears off of sao, the white one)* *starts humming centuries*

*notices four kids and yugi-chan standing at my bedroom door* yugi: kuruya-nyan those are cute kuruyami: w-what look cute? yugi:cat ears! kuruyami:oh.....right.....sorry....... girl : hello! my name is tea, kuruyami...? is that how you say your name *nodded* "nice! anyway,this is joey,bakura,and tristen" joey: "is that your duel monsters deck?" *joey looks over to my duel *noddes* joey:"can we look through it? *nodded* *joey looks through it* wow this is a great deck kuruya-nyan! thanks bakura:you look nice today kuruyami! *he smiles* *smiles back* " British~! how cute!!!!!" I thought tristen:nice cat ears! yugi:I'm bored,let's go to school! tea:even though it's a sunday?! yugi:we can hang out at the playground! kuruya-nyan! doesn't that sound fun?!


I love yaoi and yuri

i dont't know what to write here,so i'm writing something random

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age;why should I tell you?! hair; imma blondie XD gender;gurl ;3 d...

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