TwistedCyberChick here. This world will host anything relating to the Saiyuki fanfiction, 'Sanzo Wannabe', that my sister, ShikamaruRocks (who will be a guest poster), and I are writing. We finished the first installment consisting of 15 chapters back in 2006, subtitled 'Impressions'. Since then, we pulled it from, just to re-post it after minor edits and major additions were incorporated.

I still haven't decided whether I'll post the entire fic here or not. All those darn italics give me fits. This may just be a testing ground for various battle sequences and flashbacks. And yes, I said battle sequences. I'm a chick who loves choreographing fights. What a surprise. If you know anything about Saiyuki (which you all should), you know that any half-way decent fic will have conflict galore, sprinkled with good old-fashioned male bonding. No, this is not shounen ai. *shudders* It just involves guys that have emotions. They exist, you know.

Whatever I post here, I hope to receive constructive criticism (or praise, your choice) that can actually be of use to me before posting the new chapters on Seeing as I'm not sure how much of the fic will end up here, expect posts to be in a seemingly random order. To read the fic in it's entirety, head over to the aforementioned site, search either by author for TwistedCyberChick, or under Saiyuki for "Sanzo Wannabe: Impressions". Reviews on that site make me warm and fuzzy inside, so don't be shy. Toodles.

Sanzo Wannabe Party

Here's all four of our OCs together, showing their respective heights. Keep in mind, the two in the middle are sisters. Also, the two on the left (Chris and Melinda - both 19) are best friends, and then the two on the right (Savannah and Anna - both 18) are also best friends. Enjoy.

Chris Character Bio

Hi, ShikamaruRocks here. I had to do some touch-ups on Chris, so it took a little longer to get her ready for posting. I am most pleased with Chris's hair and face out of all four of the girls. I think her face is the prettiest of them all, anyway.

Christen Prochazka
Age: 19
Height: 5' 4"
Weight: 105 lbs
Birth Date: April 17
Likes: studying, reading, sleeping outside
Dislikes: her french horn instructor, rap music
Hobbies: learning new languages, listening to J-Rock
Favorite Color: green
Favorite Anime Character: Niwa Daisuke
Weapon of Choice: chi manipulation

Savannah Character Bio

OC #3 for your viewing pleasure. She's spunky, to say the least. Did I mention Shika would kill to own those pants?

Savannah Bosch
Age: 17
Height: 4'10"
Weight: 95 lbs
Birth Date: September 23
Likes: anime, food, sports, manga, sports manga...
Dislikes: bullies, hentai, barbies, chemistry
Hobbies: all sports, especially soccer, tennis, and judo
Favorite Color: orange
Favorite Anime Character: Sohma Kyo
Weapons of Choice: none, strictly hand to hand techniques

Anna Character Bio

Here's the second featured original character. She's blonde, btw, and near anorexic too. Not so good. Yet again, drawn by the oh so talented Shika-sama.

Anna Holloway
Age: 18
Height: 5'3"
Weight: 85 lbs
Birth Date: July 10
Likes: modeling, knitting, anime, cats
Dislikes: hot tubs, cheesecake, pink stuffed-animals
Hobbies: hitting people with her fan, brooding
Favorite Color: Mauve
Favorite Anime Character: Rock Lee
Weapon of choice: Throwing Daggers

Melinda Character Bio

So, here's the "lead" original character in SW:I, drawn by none other than co-author, ShikamaruRocks. By all means, Shika, you really do rock.

Melinda Bosch
Age: 19
Birth Date: November 4
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 150 lbs
Likes: Asian Males
Dislikes: People with no self-esteem,Coconut, Joseph and Ethan
Hobbies: Modeling, working out, flirting
Favorite Colors: Red, Black
Favorite Anime Character: Hatake Kakashi
Weapons of choice: Dual katana