What this world talks about is my past and other stories on my life. Boring to some people...I can almost guarrantee that, but if you're interested, feel free to look.

My Swing with Death

My Swing with Death

Why did it have to happen to me?! What did I do to deserve it? Me, hanging upside down, tied up in rope to the highest bar of the Spider, with my three kindergartener friends trying to cut me down, telling me I did the most stupidest thing in my young, kindergartener life: I made a high school senior very mad.

I was six years old at the time of the incident. Me and my friends, Maximillian “Max” Liefly, his twin sister Roserade “Rose” Liefly, and Darrell Moreli, all who were also six years old, were having fun at the local park in our apartment complex, swinging on the swing set. Max and Rose were having a competition to see who can swing higher, those two always had competitions, so Darrell and I were used to it. Darrell and I were just swinging, but we soon got into our own little competition, and pretty soon, we all got into it.

Three minutes into the “game”, as Max calls it, Rose ended up having to quit. Two minutes later, Darrell gave up. It was down to Max and me. However, Max jumped off the swing. I thought he was just trying to show off, as usual, but he ran behind Darrell, who had ran all the way to Old Tree Top, our tree house. I saw fear on all of their faces, and I looked around the swing. We all had arachnophobia back then, now I’m the only one that still has it, severe, might I add.

Suddenly, I stopped moving, well, sort of, the swing stopped. I looked behind me and saw a boy, an older boy, looking at me with a mean look, the kind bullies give off to install fear into innocent, little children. He pointed away from the swing.

“Off the swing, you little twerp!” He barked.

I had a bit of stupid courage running through me that day. So, I talked back.

“I don’t take orders from you! Go bother someone else, this swing’s taken.” I turned my head to my friends. “Come on, you fradycats!” I called, but they shook their heads and stayed put.

“I’ll ask you one more time, twerp, off the-“

“You didn’t ask, you’re trying to order me around.” I interrupted him.

He moved right in front of me and pulled out a gun. He pointed it in my face.

“Move you dumb idiot, or say “Bye-Bye” to your head!”

Being a six year old, you don’t really know about this kind of stuff. I actually thought he was trying to make it up to me by giving me some fancy lollipop, so, I put it in my mouth and started to suck on it. The boy had a really weird look on his face after I did.

“I don’t think you want me to pull the trigger.” He said confused.

I quickly took it out of my mouth and started spitting to the side. “Eww! Nasty!”

“Well, what did you think it was?!” He yelled. “Now get off the dang swing!”

“Make me!” I replied and stuck my tongue out at him.

He then grabbed me by the hair and dragged me to the Spider, which was a bunch of monkey bars all aligned. He grabbed out some rope, wrapped it around me, and tied the end to the very top bar of the Spider. I was then hanging upside down.

“There, that’ll keep you busy. At least until your folks can get you down, which I doubt!” The boy said laughing, and then he walked off.

I didn’t know what kind of rope it was, but it made me itch like crazy. Unfortunately, my hands were all tied up so I couldn’t scratch it.

Max was the first to walk up to me. He was being cautious, just in case the boy would come back and hurt him if he was found there.

“Boy, you sure know the wrong time to get stupid, don’t you?” He asked.

“Sucking on a gun?” Rose asked, “I’m not even that stupid.”

“Gun?” I asked confused, “What’s a gun?”

“Are you serious?” Max asked shocked.

“You’ve never heard of a gun?” Rose inquired.

“Come on, guys. Give her a break. Her parents don’t tell her anything dangerous.” Darrell said as he walked over. "She's, uh, protected."

Protected?! I took that as an insult, but I didn't really have time to complain. I started crying just after he said that. Being upside down wasn't fun.

"We should probably get her down." Rose said in a paniked voice, although, I don't know why.

"Good idea, Sis. C'mon Darrell!" Max said motioning Darrell to fillow him.

I continued to cry while the boys were trying to cut me down. Yes, cut.

See, Max and Rose's parents were pretty messed up people. They didn't care about the siblings like me and Darrell did, so we kept them on the good side of the law, I guess.

Well, Max finally cut the rope, but held on. Darrell came right down and extended his arms, then nodded. Max released the rope and I fell into Darrell's arms.

I'll say it now before I forget to. I've had a crush oon Darrell since kindergarten, so I didn't mind ending up in his arms, but no one knows.

Max jumped down through the opening between bars and joined us, his usual show offy smile on his face.

Once they untied me, we left the park, and went anywhere that boy wasn't. That's when they explained a gun to me. I was terrified! I became a paranoid freak after that, but it only lasted four weeks. I was back to my normal self.