Rules for Santa!

The Rules for the eCard Secret Santa 2012

  • This Secret Santa event is open to everyone, but please put some love and effort into your cards. Remember, you are making a gift! Please leave comments in the 'list of participants' post if you are interested in joining. You have until November 20th to join. By all means invite other people to join too, the more the merrier. Just send them a link to this world and ask them to leave a comment too.
  • Please create a wishlist post in a public world with at least three choices [feel free to add more!] for your Santa to choose from. Once you have written your list, please comment here with a link, or PM me. That way I can list all participants and it will make things much easier for all. [HERE] is an example.
  • Please ensure your wishlist is posted by November 20th at the latest!That is three weeks away, so you have plenty of time. I intend to PM everyone and tell them who they are the Secret Santa for around that date, so you will need your wishlist there so your Santa knows what you want.
  • Cards do not have to be Christmas themed.
  • If you wish to make more than one eCard then feel free!
  • Please only use scans from sites such as Minitokyo. I don't want your gifts to get deleted if you use art from Pixiv or wherever. Also, include the basics in your description, such as linking of original images and resources used. You don't have to link fonts.
  • Please wait until the 20th Decamber to start submitting your gifts. If you can't wait that long due to work/family commitments then by all means submit earlier. I just think it is nice for the gifts to be 'sent' around Christmas time. Also, it makes it more of a surprise when people find out their Santa ^^
  • On that note, please keep things secret, don't go telling people who you are the Santa for, it ruins the surprise!
  • Feel free to ask me any questions if you need to.