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This is where I'll post all the odds and ends that don't really fit elsewhere.

Vaek's Story - Early Chapters! -update-

Well, I have been threatening to write out my OC Vaek's story for a while now, so here are the first few 'chapters' of sorts. I have no idea how much I will end up writing, and it will likely ...

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List of participants

ichi haze - [Wishlist] Morbid Dollie - [Wishl...

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Last Minute Reminder!

Hey everyone! I'm glad so many of you have joined this event, and thanks for sending me a link to your wistlists ^^ I hope this will be fun for all of you. I'm starting to feel festive already, aha. If you haven't joined and wish to do so t...

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Rules for Santa!

The Rules for the eCard Secret Santa 2012 This Secret Santa event is open to everyone, but please put some love and effort into your cards. Remember, you a...

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