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I apologize ounce again that i have not updated this world for well since i started it. Im glad to announce that im taking a break from teaching my students for awhile, in other words no one elses has asked me to teach ^sighs^. so i will be updating this world for the next few weeks. I will be assigning someone/ a secretary to post weather and other new's as soon as i can find one thats not scared of me.

Time to catch up on the New's

Recently hear in Suna

Dropping into Town

Another attempt at suicide has just been recorded as a young girl stood atop of a bridge and threatned to jump. Where she is now/ if she's allive has not been found out for athorities/ anbu surrounded the area and have not yet realsed any more news on the subject.

The broken puppet

Kankuro Sabaku a local dim wit resident has been tragically hit by some a defistating lose, the lose of his precious tinkles the cat puppet/doll. The Criminal has chewed through the puppet strings of his beloved puppet toy which he has treasured since a child. His first pupet has been recovered an restringed, the real question is will the criminal come again?


Local weather has been the usual humid, hot, and sunny. nothing else to report on that subject.

Anbu report

Strange Paintings have been found on both the east and west sides of the village. The paintings consist of red blood like paint and oddly drawn pictures of animals, whether or not these odd paintings are doing anything to disrupt peace has not been seen yet, everything seems normal. Is this a trick or a prank. Are the Paintings dangerous, Currently not. Anbu Kurisagi had this to say " the paintings have some abnormality to them, these symbols have been and heared of before, and are believed to bring famine and bad luck if not disposed of properly, we are working on a solution to keep or village and the villagers safe and away from harm ". We will update you on further news on the mysterious paintings later on.