Naruto Fan- Fiction: Hinata's Rage

Hinata woke up early in the morning to Naruto's face... "Hinata!!!"
"N-n-naruto!!! What are you... doing?"
"Staring at you... duh..."
She blushed, red as blood...
He came close to her.
His face near hers, closer, closer...
His lips near hers...
All she did was blush, then puckered her lips...
"I have a secret for you, Hinata"
Hinata sighed "W-what is it?"

Naruto laughed.

Hinata looked shocked!
He replied "Yep!!! Oh, I knew you liked Naruto!!!"
Hinata cried "You... what?"
Then she did it.
Something no one ever guessed Hinata would do.



Kiba never acted like Naruto again...

So kids, let us learn a lesson here.
NEVER go into hinatas room at 3 am in the morning, act like Naruto, then poof into Kiba only to get ur butt kicked =^.^=