Hello all~
Salem is gonna try to come back to TheOtaku!
This world will be a bit of a journal of sorts.

Trouble sleeping

I try to lay down, but it's like to many voices in my head are talking at once.
A million thoughts flying by my eyeballs.
I could make that feeling go away by listening to music, but I can't sleep with music or a TV on (or people talking for that matter)
Sure I will no longer have all that noise bouncing around my head, but that's only cause my brain is finally focused on one thing. However, my brain is making me pay attention to this one thing...

For the last week, I've just been going till I am so exhausted I just kind of pass out...
and when I do sleep its all weird dreams. I always have weird dreams so I guess they would just be weirder than usual... though not exactly nightmares.

*sigh* I am so tired....

That's all kiddies
Love Salem

Corpse Party

Just watched the anime


Sure it's different then the games, But HOLY HELL! I LOVED IT!


But the size is wrong for the upload....
so's I put it here

WARNING: The Salem tends to emit venom for seemingly no reason at all!

sometimes, This is how I picture words coming out of my mouth.
Thick black venom, that makes the people I’m talking to very sick.

I just got...


Time for everything else I was working on to come to a complete stop!

In other news I have a cold... that's about it....

Remember to laugh