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It was during my second semester, that was the time when my peaceful lone student times were shattered. I was expecting that my college life will end up as peaceful as I entered here. Why am I alone? Well you could say I look creepy, hard to talk to person and at the same time, they call me "lone wolf" because my aura is dark. Well at least nobody is bothering me. Standing out at school is not my style. Who am I? I'm glad you ask, I'm Jasmine Anne Moore 19 years old. The name Jasmine doesn't fit to a creepy person right? How am I creepy you say? I'm a girl with a long unpleasant hair and by unpleasant I mean I don't comb them, I wear glasses, and above all I rarely talk and the way I talk to them is more like a monotone voice. Now the real question is, why did I say my peaceful college life was over? It was because I became a target to get bullied by the group what we call Wild Fire. What a cheap name right? At least my nickname rocks but their group name... Yikes. This group has five members but sad to say I don't know who are they. That's because I really don't care about them that much and I don't have a habit on knowing someone I have no interest with, but even thou I have interest, I'll just know the name but I don't talk to them. So anyway, the Wild Fire has chosen me as their next target and I don't know why they suddenly just want to bully me, I mean I didn't talk that much to people and I can't remember doing something against them so, why me?!

Friday after school, I went at the school 3rd gymnasium bringing only myself and my things and I can feel the pounding of my heart. As I entered the gym I saw four boys right in front of me, I'm actually expecting five but when I'm half way the gym door was closed by the fifth member. And just as I expected, the note I saw at my desk are from them;

"So you're the one to sent this note?" I said with a monotone voice as I raised the note

"I didn't expect that you'd really go alone here. You probably know us" said by the guy behind me

"But she got guts for ignoring our previous notes to her" and I was like 'what the heck! They sent me the same notes before?!' then; "You really are the Lone Wolf. Hey KJ, what do you think will be her punishment for that?" he ask the guy behind me while smirking. So that guy with piercing behind me is KJ, I bet he's the leader.

"Look before everything else, first of all I didn't do anything bad to you guys so whats the point of bullying me. Second I didn't receive any other notes you guys gave except this" then the guy with the headset around his neck threw a ball at me. Good thing I got good reflexes to avoid it hitting my face.

"Hmp, she got good arms. Miles, you're just wasting your breath and saliva talking to this wolf" said by the headset guy to Miles who kept on talking to me, so his name is Miles, weird name. KJ, from behind, push me on the floor.

"You know Miles, Sean's right. I mean look at her" KJ grabs my hair looking me in the eye. "She looks at you like she can bite your head off. I like girls like that" he then licks me at my cheeks.

"Please stop" as I said that with a trembling voice I pushed him and I quickly stood up and moved away from the five of them.

"Cute voice eh, I like girl with voice so drop the monotone. Hi I'm Luke and I didn't expect that the lone wolf could make such cute voice with that sharp look at your eyes. Hey William are you sure this is the girl you were talking about?" Then the guy called William stood up for the chair he was sitting at and walk toward me. I swear I'm really scared but what can I do about my look? That's how I normally look at people isn't it why they call me creepy lone wolf?

"It looks like the wolf is trap at the wild fire. What are you gonna do? Aren't going to call your pack?" asked by William with a cold voice

"I don't have a pack" I put my hand inside my pocket and grabbed some pebbles; "There is no need for a pack if you alone can escape"

Luke came forward towards me and said with a smirk on his face; "And how are you going to do that?" Then I threw the pebbles at his face and pushed him then I run out of the window as fast as I could. I was able to escape out of the gym and I run, I'm scared I'm so scared I don't know if my plan will work but I got to keep on running towards the gate. I pass through the school garden to buy myself some time then I'm far from the gym I still kept on running until I reach the track field and suddenly someone grabbed me inside the storage room and covered my mount really hard.

"Stop straggling! They'll hear you"

'I know this vocie' Then a heard a rushing foot step. I calmed myself as I listen;

"Where did she go?! That stray's annoying!"

"That's because you made her found a escape rout. So do you still like girls with cute voice and sharp look on her eyes?"

"Enough! Keep looking, I'll guard the front school gates. William has probably guarded the back gate. Sean took already of her things left at the gym. Now you two search the whole grounds, don't let the wolf escape the wild fire. Now!"

I closed my eyes hoping that they wouldn't find me here, especially it is William who grabbed me in here. I heard two footsteps went away which gives me a hint that KJ stayed outside the storage room. I'm praying that he wouldn't reveal me to their leader. I can feel that I'm shacking in fear my heartbeats abnormally and my breathing is heavy but I keep on trying to stay quite, I can't imagine what would they do to me if William reveals me. Then William lowers his head and whispers to my ears;

"You've change a lot Jazz, what happen? But still..." as I look at him in shock, William pull me towards him and out of the blue kiss me gently. I'm really shocked that I could see William kissing me with his eyes close, I can't push him away because KJ might discover that we're inside the storage room. William removed his lips from mine; "I think you should close your eyes, it's pretty obvious that this is your first kiss. Don't worry I won't tell this with the others. I'll let you escape" I couldn't answer him back so he kissed me again and I closed my eyes this time. I didn't close my eyes because I want to be kissed by William but because I'm so terrified. Then I felt my tears just came out, William stop from kissing me and he looked outside, I wiped my tears immediately and William said to me;

"Ok KJ's gone, you can escape now" said William while he brushes my hair with his hand.

"Why did you call me Jazz? Do I know you?" William simply smiled and pushed me out of the storage room.

"You don't want to get caught right?"

I run at the gate where William suppose to be guarding and finally I was able to get out of the school campus but I still keep on running because some of them could see me running outside or maybe they'll soon realize I'm already outside the campus. Meanwhile;

"KJ, I inspect her things and it looks like she doesn't have interest in getting them back"


"These things are her used notebooks and empty ball pen"

"Tsk, she may already escape before we got to our post. Call the others, the wolf has luckily escape through the fire but there will be no next escape rout."

"Oh William did you find her?"

"No but I saw her running outside the school grounds by the time I got there. Luke may I take a look on her things?"

"Yeah go on ahead, it's nothing but junk."

I was able to get home safely and at least unharmed but I still can't take out of my head the kiss William gave to me. And he knows me that he even calls me my nickname. Everything gets confusing and I'm still scared and shock about everything but why does my first kiss overcome every fear have right now? I left all of my things at the locker, I won't be able to do my homework and I have no friends to tell me what are those homework. I hope no one followed me here in my apartment, it would be troublesome if they find out where I live, and if William really knows me, its his bad luck. My parents moved to a city while I stay here and rent an apartment so he wouldn't find me here but I hope that I won't encounter them at the cafe where I'm working. I start cooking my meal and my lunch for tomorrow at work, because every cent counts and I have to save money so badly. As I chopped the cabbage into half, the my cellphone rings and I put it on speaker;


"Jazz, how are you doing?"

"I'm doing just fine mom, I'm actually cooking my dinner for tonight and my lunch for work tomorrow. How's your work?" I'm talking to my mom while chopping the half of the cabbage and other vegetables.

"Oh Jazz I have a very good news to you. I got promoted and now I'm a bank manager. Isn't it wonderful?"

"That's good to hear mom, congratulations. I'm really happy for you. Are you going to have a nice dinner tonight with dad and Toby?

"Well I was actually wondering if you could come tonight to celebrate with us."

"Mom you know I can't but I would love to go. Besides, my exam is coming and I don't want to fail like the last time. I hope you'd understand."

"Oh, well then I'll just visit you after your exam. Is it fine with you? You're done with your exam next week right?"

"That sounds good to me. I'll buy you a cake."

"There's no need for that. Oh I have to go now, I miss you Jazz and your dad and brother misses you as well."

"I miss you all too. Take care always. I love you guys bye."

"I love you too Jazz. Good night"

At least my family is doing fine, I thinkI'm the only one who has a problem. At school I'm a creepy student,at out family I'm the stupid daughter who keeps on trying her best which why my mom and dad always support me, as a sister I'm the bully but protective one, but at work I don't want my classmates to see me. I still can remember the looks of my mom's face when she saw my working. I'm working at my uncle's cafe as a waitress and I sometimes bake the pastries . I was able to get a job as waitress at my uncle's cafe in a condition of making myself look pleasing because he said that customers usual eating with a waitress with a pleasing appearance. Of course my mom know about my creepiness so she bought me couples of make-up and my brother showed my a website where I can learn how to properly put make up and eh even brought me to a salon just to give me a hair treatment. Why don't I apply it on going to school? I'm pretty lazy for it and if I suddenly do it, I'll become the center of attraction for sure. Not just attraction but they'll keep on talking about me so I kept my usual appearance at school.

7:35am I arrive at the cafe with my self ready and I need to help on setting up the place before it opens. All of our pastries are freshly baked and so as the foods we serve. I can tell that I love this cafe because I can be a different person in here without being rumored or without being the center of attraction. I really love our uniform because it looks like the dress of Alice and each design was actually based of the employee's attitude. So yeah mine is violet puff sleeves dress above my knee with white apron and black ribbon at my waist, I wear a black boots which is knee high and white stockings. My hair is curled and pony tailed with a white ribbon and I'm wear brown contact lens, the cafe doesn't allow employees to wear an accessories but a wrist watch or if married a wedding ring. I'm preparing the tables outside the cafe store and when I was about to get the setting done I accidentally bump into a passerby behind me;

"I'm really sorry sir. Did I hurt you by any chance?" then the passerby turns to me.

"Oh no, not at all. I'm the one who should be sorry, I wasn't looking at my way. Are you ok miss? Do you need help with that chair? It looks heavy" it was actually Sean, the person I bump was Sean. It seems that he didn't recognize me at all. I hope he wouldn't recognize me, if he does I'll be in trouble or much worst the cafe might be dragged because of me. So I acted right after him according to my duties and responsibility in this cafe.

"No sir I'm totally fine, I can do this by myself thank you very much"

"What time does this cafe opens? I've been thinking of eating here for a long time but I thought that the food here is expensive"

"We open at 8:00am until 9:00pm sir and our food here isn't that expensive" he pleases his hand at his chin.

"Is hat so, then is it ok if I'll make my reservation right now? I need to go at my part time soon"

"No problem sir, please wait for a moment. Thank you" I went inside and took my reservation note and a pen. I as I turn and look back at the window I saw Sean having a phone call. I went out to give him a reservation.

"Yes.... What? ............ Oh, I don't have time to worry about that wolfie girl I have work today........ Ok, sorry I have to go, a waitress is waiting for me.... Yes.... Ok see you soon. Sorry a friend of mine"

"It's fine sir, I'm making a reservation for?" From the sound of their conversation, it looks like he didn't recognize me.

"Sean Adler"

"May I ask what time and for how many person?"

"Hmmm, I like to have a reservation at 11:45am for two person please" then Sean gently smiles at me.

"Eh.... Then please see the menu when you got here later at 11:45am for Mr. Sean Adler"

"Thank you miss...... Jenny"

"Huh?" then I looked at my nameplate 'Oh I forgot I used the Jenny name for work "Oh your welcome sir, have a great day"

"You too." Sean then takes his leave while waving at me.

I didn't really know that the ruthless Sean would be this gentle. I wonder if the other wild fire members are like this at any rate. I didn't even imagine that he could smile brightly but it didn't change the fact that he tried to hurt me. 11:40 am and I'm serving the food at table four to our three regular customers who always sit at the corner of the cafe;

"Your order is complete. Is there something you'd like to add sir?"

"Ah yes there is one actually. More like an appetizer"

"Would you like me to bring the menu again good sir?"

"Oh there is no need in fact the appetizer we want...." the customer suddenly grab me at my hips; "And it was actually you"

"Sir please let go of me" I'm struggling out of his arms until somebody pulls me away from him. As I look at my savior, it was Sean.

"Oh my apologies. You cannot have her because I'm her boyfriend. So..." Sean violently step his right foot at the customer's chair; "you still want to mess with me, pal?" with scary aura and glare he gave to our regular customer.

"Oh you misunderstand me. I'm just joking" the customer laughs with tremble at his voice while his friends slightly laughs. 'Even guys are scared to Sean'

"I see then, sorry for interrupting. Excuse us then. Enjoy your food pal" then Sean looks at me and smiles.

"I'll lead you to your seat" then I brought him to our cafe's second floor which is actually expensive and for special guest only. While going up I spot a splash of water 'Maybe I'll put a sign later'. I open the door for him then he enter; "hmmm, this will serve as my thank you for helping me. Please make yourself comfortable while I get the menu. Please excuse me"

"Wait!" Then he grasp my hand, "this is not I want. I want to eat at the normal table. If you still considering giving me something as a thanks then.... Hmmmm" his ears turns red and he looked down at the floor, "is it fine if you go out with me on a date today after your work? What time do you usually go home after work? Do you have schedule for today after work?"

"Sir?" 'Is he trying to confess to me? Should I tell him who am I?' "I don't have plans for today and I need to go home at once. I usually go home at 3:25 but...."

"It's ok. Just spend an hour with me I just want to get to know you" he holds my hand right hand with his two hands.

"You really want to know who I am sir? Accept who ever I am?" Sean nods and then he let my hand go, "ok actually I'm...." then I suddenly heard a crash of a plates from the staircase and saw my co-worker injured. "Are you ok?" I ask my co-worker while I rush going to her.

"I'm fine Jasmine sorry"

"No its not your fault, I should put the sign before I lead our guest to the dinner. Let me see your wound. It's a big cut" I remove my white ribbon and tie left arm to put a pressure and clean her wound with my handkerchief. "Go to our dressing room and fix yourself, I'll clean the mess here"

"Thank you Jasmine"

"You looked somehow familiar" said Sean then I stood up.

"Yes you know me already. I'm Jasmine Ann Moore or known as the Lone Wolf. If you are planning to bully me, please not here, I'll turn myself in just not here. This is my uncle's precious cafe of please I beg you." then I slowly look at Sean with fear.

"Then you must meet with me later. I won't let the other member know that you work here. You must go on a date with me. You cannot decline, I'll pick you up later" Sean went near me and whisper; "You look beautiful at work, I think I don't want other people to see you like this" then he went down and sits on out regular table.

Equation of Love

It was summer when the first and only boy I love and trust died, I was so stupid that I didn't have a chance to covey and prove my feelings that I have but I guess it is stupid that I didn't realize so soon that I love him already. My name is Kate and this is the story of the unsolved equation of my love.

It all started at the second semester in our seniors year in school. Angelo and I promised to each other that we will graduate together as we always have and help each other as we always did. Angelo was a really smart guy while I'm good at sports. We were helping each other since we both are a member of the Tennis Varsity and staying at the same class. He was my best friend, so we both rely on each other. We were having a practice that day and;

"Hey Kate, do you really thing this is going to work? After all, we also need to ask the upperclassmen for some advise."
"Oh come on, don't you trust me? Once we're done with this and you've done it well, I'll treat you whatever you want."
"Well if that's what you said then, ok lets do this!"

Angelo ask me to give him some kind of a different training that would help him with his control in strength. Right after that practice, I knew he can do it just right.

Then our Math teacher came to me while I'm waiting for Angelo; "Kate, you grades in math is really bad. You have to pass this otherwise you'll never be able to graduate along with your batch." I know that I have to study even hard but I just can't keep on relying on Angelo. I don't want to abuse his kindness to me. I don't want to look like a friend user or something so I said to myself that I'll just have to study even harder even if it takes of making me an "all-nighter" or something like that. "I'll do my very best to pass sir." "Why don't you seek help to Angelo/ He's a friend of yours right? And a friend as well. If you're having a hard time with some equation, you better ask him then ask yourself how did he solve it. Then try it yourself then you'll understand." "Thanks for the advise sir but I don't want to abuse the kindness of Angelo towards me. I'll just ask someone else if I'm in a tight situation." "I see, then good luck to your exams."

I don't want to keep on relying in Angelo but he overheard our conversation so he insist me that he will help in instead of me treating him anything he want. So we went at his apartment where he stays with his older sister. We both went i to his room then he took his notes and other stuffs which he said it can help me. He gave me a lecture which is more easy to understand then gave me an exercises. We've been doing that topic after topic then suddenly gave me u equation;

"You are really good now why don't you try to solve this..."

It was just one equation but I can't solve it whatever I do. Then I tried it to my scientific calculator but I just can't. I've been trying to solve it but I just can't compute it, but Angelo was staring at me smiling at me. The next day I ask Daniel who is good at math, I showed him the paper where Angelo wrote the equation but, Daniel said; "That equation is impossible to answer. It cannot be solved or anything. Or maybe he is just kidding." I was really mad at Angelo that time so I yelled at him at the practice; "Yea I'm stupid but it doesn't mean that you can have fun in my stupidity. I'm so serious solving it but what you just did? Are you satisfied? You have your laugh now? I thought I can trust you." "You can trust me. It's just that..." "Just what?" "You wouldn't understand." "It's because you kept in your mind that I'm stupid I HATE YOU!"

So I ran away and talked to my another best friend about it. She said that I just didn't know to myself that there is a reason why would I trust Angelo so much. But I really don't get what she mean by that. Before 4:00 I went home and once I got to my room, I put my books at the study table. Then there was a piece of paper was covered into half by my textbook and it says "I Love You" and when I saw it, I just thought that it was just a prank so I pulled it but when I pulled it, it was the equation of Angelo. I thought I was just imagining things but I tried to cover the half and it really does says I love you. Suddenly, my eyes shed tears and my heart begins to beat so fast. Now I get the meaning of everything. Angelo wasn't trying to make fun of me but he was telling how he feels. So I ran to his apartment and called his cell but it cannot be reach. She called Angelo's sister; "Kate, it Angelo. He's here at the hospital. His condition is critical and..." When I heard his condition is critical, I ran to the nearest hospital as fast as I can. Angelo's sister wasn't able to tell where are they but I just ran, as if my leg knows where he is. Then I realize that it is love.

As soon as I got there, I felt that my heart was crush little by little. His wound wouldn't stop from bleeding. He was stab by a gang he dump.
"Angelo, I'm sorry. You know, I've solved the equation you gave me."
"Really? Was your answer?" He said it with a smile "I love you too" "Really?"
"Yes. I love you. this is the reason why I trust you more than anyone else." "That's great. Now at least I can go knowing that you love me as well." "NO! Don't talk like that." "I love you, I hope that I was able to be your boyfriend to protect you, make you laugh and love you more and more everyday. Don't forget that I always always love you"

And that was his last words to me. I don't know what I'll do at that time. But I know that he will love me more and more. So I never throw that equation. It is the equation that cannot be solved by brain but by heart.