Heys, i'm gokuhappymonkey, an otaku fan and a friend to all!! feel free to contact me to talk, for I may not know much, but I will still be there 2 listen!!! Don't let Kenren or Sanzo stop you from seeing this one of a kind Saiyuki, Yu Yu Hakusho or other anime superstore!!! :) (I sound like a salesman...) Enjoy the peaceful enviroment!!! *dances*

My Profile!! (Take it, Hiei!)

Name:Gokuhappymonkey (Goku)
Birthday:February 23
Favorite Anime(s):Saiyuki, Yu Yu Hakusho, Houshin Engi, Hunter x Hunter, etc.
Current Songs I like(Updated!):

  • A Proof of Birth, Itsuka Dodoka De (Nataku, HEngi)
    Sweet Devil, Syoujo Misui (Vocaloid)
    Hyper Drive(YGO 5D's dub opening)
    (and more!)

Dreams: Be a Manga Writer/Artist, Meet Greg Ayers and Chuck Huber, and go to Japan.
Favorite Anime Charas: Hiei(YYH), Goku(Saiyuki), Kai Hiwatari(Beyblade), Masamune Date and Yukimura Sanada(Sengoku Basara), Killua Zoldyck (Hunter x Hunter), and Nataku and Raishinshi (Hoshin Engi/Soul Hunter) {STILL too many 2 list}

*side note: any images or videos posted on this world are not mine and used for entertainment purposes or promotional use for that artist ONLY, unless otherwise stated that they are in fact mine.*

Soul Eater Escape: The Landing in the New World part one

“This makes no sense!!”
I scream at the top of my lungs as I find myself sitting in a dark alleyway. It was nothing I had ever seen before, dark and fanatical, like something out of a book. I stand up and brush the dust from my clothes, then walk out of the alleyway to see a large, bustling city. The buildings are tall and dark within the moon light….wait!
That moon….I thought to myself, It looks like its smiling and laughing! I want to go home!
THUMP! I hit the ground after being hit in the head by a solid object. I rub my head in pain, ready to curse at whatever hit me.
“Why you little-! Hey…who are you? Why do you look so…familiar…”
A kid no older than thirteen looks up at me, holding his foot in pain. I begin to think that his foot may have been the thing that hit me. I sigh, knowing I’ll feel bad if I yell at him, so I rub my head and turn to leave.
“Hey! Are you a tourist? A small word of advice; you may want to leave! After all, this is Death City!”
Death City….I heard of that name before, but I couldn’t remember where…in fact, I couldn’t even remember my name! Am I a tourist? Do I even belong here? As I thought over the strange predicament I was in, a large, bladed creature came at me and the kid, mouth open and slobbering for a meal. The kid leaped up and grabbed me by my waist, running and hopping off of walls as quick as a cheetah. He dropped me off at a large and creepy looking school (if it even was a school), and raced back out to where all the action occurred.
“Greetings, child! Are you lost? Or maybe you want to join the DWMA?”
I felt my heart leap out of my chest. A tall reaper thing was staring at me! He sounded nice enough, but I was scared of how he looked most of all! This whole place frightened me!
“I believe she’s just a little frightened, Lord Death.” A man who looked like he had been torn apart and re-sewn stepped up next to the reaper. A dark screw or bolt was sticking out of his head. He touched my forehead and sighed.
“Poor kid, doesn’t even know who she is. She may make a fine specimen…ha ha…”
I felt that he was kidding, but deep inside, something was telling me he was all too serious.

To those games that are almost forgotten....

I noticed that throughout the original Xbox's career (2002?-2006?), many games were in great demand. Titles such as Jet Set Radio, which was one of the first, and Legacy of Kain, were some popular titles. Now, it seems like the Xbox is considered obsolete, and these amazing games are almost forgotten in the depths of gamer minds. Is it not considered a crime to erase the one system that created the blueprints for the Xbox 360, or helped bring about the popularity of the Halo franchise? I hope to see the Xbox, or at least the games, come around again to be enjoyed by our generations again, so that the memory of that big black box is not fully lost. Viva la Xbox!!!!

Doesn't it bother you?!?

Hey there! i was wondering if it bothers people when you try to do cards and stuff of certain video games and/or anime, but it's not on the list of categories!!! like me for example...i was just looking to see if my favorite xbox(the old one) game Legacy of Kain was in the categories, but it WASN'T THERE!!!!*sobs* doesn't anybody like Kain and Raziel? what's up with that? Woot to all that agree! see ya soon! *whacks self with staff in despair*

I've been here for FIVE YEARS!! *And still loving it!*

I just noticed as I viewed my information today...I've been a member for five years now! (well, four and about a half, but who's counting?) anyways, I hope i can stay even longer with all my otaku friends, animals, and fruit!can't believe I said that! my birthay's coming too! the big year! until later, happy valentine's and so on!! *tosses confetti and blows a trumpet*


Hello to all! This post is not to be rude to those who like it, or draw it, but i'm sorry....I CAN'T STAND YAOI!!! when i see my favorite characters (like Goku) with dudes, it just seems so....WRONG!! Again, not to be rude. so for all of you who have an intrest, i'm not saying to quit, i'm just giving my humble opinion. Thanks for listening... Until later! *Vanishes*