Heys, i'm gokuhappymonkey, an otaku fan and a friend to all!! feel free to contact me to talk, for I may not know much, but I will still be there 2 listen!!! Don't let Kenren or Sanzo stop you from seeing this one of a kind Saiyuki, Yu Yu Hakusho or other anime superstore!!! :) (I sound like a salesman...) Enjoy the peaceful enviroment!!! *dances*

My Profile!! (Take it, Hiei!)

Name:Gokuhappymonkey (Goku)
Birthday:February 23
Favorite Anime(s):Saiyuki, Yu Yu Hakusho, Houshin Engi, Hunter x Hunter, etc.
Current Songs I like(Updated!):

  • A Proof of Birth, Itsuka Dodoka De (Nataku, HEngi)
    Sweet Devil, Syoujo Misui (Vocaloid)
    Hyper Drive(YGO 5D's dub opening)
    (and more!)

Dreams: Be a Manga Writer/Artist, Meet Greg Ayers and Chuck Huber, and go to Japan.
Favorite Anime Charas: Hiei(YYH), Goku(Saiyuki), Kai Hiwatari(Beyblade), Masamune Date and Yukimura Sanada(Sengoku Basara), Killua Zoldyck (Hunter x Hunter), and Nataku and Raishinshi (Hoshin Engi/Soul Hunter) {STILL too many 2 list}

*side note: any images or videos posted on this world are not mine and used for entertainment purposes or promotional use for that artist ONLY, unless otherwise stated that they are in fact mine.*

I am BACK!! Who missed me?!

Hello again Otaku peeps! After a five month absence from this awesome site, I have returned to post more great thing about myself and, of course, ANIME!!!! I have more things to show, but it may be a while 'cause I am trying to update my computer's photoshop. I'll still make ecards! Until then!! *waves* by the way, I've been rediscovering previous animes and found Yu Yu Hakusho, the one series I watched when Toonami was still on Cartoon Network! Here's a pic of Hiei, the 4'10'' speed demon!

My awesome pic!!

Hey, for all who will see my new pic, here's who's who! (The one named Aki is my Original Chara for Saiyuki, and YES, it's a he.) Just clearing that up.

My most favorite characters list!!!!

Hey all! I heard about the best chara contest, so I thought I'd give my list of charas that should've been there!! Here goes!
1-Son Goku! (Saiyuki)
2-Eiri Yuki (Gravitation)*we share a b-day...iz fate!*
3-Wrath (FMA)
4-Tsubaki&Black Star (Soul Eater)

There's more...but i forgot 'em. I may list them later...See you all soon, ok?


Hi everybody. Well, summer's coming, and that means I'll be at home, not able to submit anything to the O. Of course, I'll still post when I can. For now, I'm submitting all I can to leave something for you to see! Until then, I'll be glad to hear from you! Viva la O!!! Goku iz watching.....o_O

Saiyuki Stupidity: GHM style!!!

Okay! So I am here with all my Saiyuki-loving glory! I think a set of maracas with Goku on them would be awesome! Just think, the Saiyuki Mambo!! *dancing and shaking maracas* I'd LOVE that stuff! How is everyone doing? I'm getting more friends everyday, dedicating work to me, subscribing...if I had a better photoshop, I'd happily dedicate things to all of you! (fricken' old photoshop...)Anywho, love u all and hope you keep up the Otakuness! (I left a pic of Goku's demon form for everybody!!)