Heys, i'm gokuhappymonkey, an otaku fan and a friend to all!! feel free to contact me to talk, for I may not know much, but I will still be there 2 listen!!! Don't let Kenren or Sanzo stop you from seeing this one of a kind Saiyuki, Yu Yu Hakusho or other anime superstore!!! :) (I sound like a salesman...) Enjoy the peaceful enviroment!!! *dances*

My Profile!! (Take it, Hiei!)

Name:Gokuhappymonkey (Goku)
Birthday:February 23
Favorite Anime(s):Saiyuki, Yu Yu Hakusho, Houshin Engi, Hunter x Hunter, etc.
Current Songs I like(Updated!):

  • A Proof of Birth, Itsuka Dodoka De (Nataku, HEngi)
    Sweet Devil, Syoujo Misui (Vocaloid)
    Hyper Drive(YGO 5D's dub opening)
    (and more!)

Dreams: Be a Manga Writer/Artist, Meet Greg Ayers and Chuck Huber, and go to Japan.
Favorite Anime Charas: Hiei(YYH), Goku(Saiyuki), Kai Hiwatari(Beyblade), Masamune Date and Yukimura Sanada(Sengoku Basara), Killua Zoldyck (Hunter x Hunter), and Nataku and Raishinshi (Hoshin Engi/Soul Hunter) {STILL too many 2 list}

*side note: any images or videos posted on this world are not mine and used for entertainment purposes or promotional use for that artist ONLY, unless otherwise stated that they are in fact mine.*

school starts again soon!! YAY!!

School is starting again for me soon, and this means a little less O. Of course, i will still check in, but i may not submit as much. I also love how much people enjoy my art, and i hope to do more soon!! Until then, i'll continue to check in!! Cya!

Happy 4th!! A Gift to my fellow O's!

Happy 4th of July today and tomorrow!! I crammed to make this special art for all of my friends here on the O! Hope to see how tomorrow is for everybody!

Spread the Soul Wins!!

Hello fellow Anime fans. I completed the challenge today, Spread the Soul!! And as listed:

zombieusagi took 1st with her wallie The Only Fortune!! YAAAY!!

Next was ElfDuchess with her entry, Beside Us!! *grins happily*

And in third was BabyD with her card named aptly, The Soul. Cool!

Congrats to all who entered!! It was a VERY HARD ruling on who to choose. I even tried to narrow it down before the contest even ended...yeah, that didn't work. I hope to have more challenges that people will love to enter again!!

Until next time!!

TOONAMI!!!! Iz it really back??

Hey fellow Otakus!! I had read the post sometime back of Toonami's GLORIOUS return to Cartoon Network!! Unfortunately, due to a lack of time, I did not get to see if it really aired on the channel or not!! I want to know if it's any good! And is TOM back? I used to like TOM...he was a cool robot. Let me know!! Cya!!

Why the hell is money so hard to keep?!?


I still have Photoshop escaping me. I've been so desperate to make stuff that I was using a site for personal avatars to craft my ecards!!! Of course, me AND my family are having a hard time because money tends to come and go. But hey, I'm trying. I wonder how everyone else is holding up?

Off money issues, I made a music world called The Musicbox of GHM. I post two songs a day, unless I'm ultra bored, so check it out, ok? I would greatly appreciate it. Have fun!!

Stay awesome!