Heys, i'm gokuhappymonkey, an otaku fan and a friend to all!! feel free to contact me to talk, for I may not know much, but I will still be there 2 listen!!! Don't let Kenren or Sanzo stop you from seeing this one of a kind Saiyuki, Yu Yu Hakusho or other anime superstore!!! :) (I sound like a salesman...) Enjoy the peaceful enviroment!!! *dances*

My Profile!! (Take it, Hiei!)

Name:Gokuhappymonkey (Goku)
Birthday:February 23
Favorite Anime(s):Saiyuki, Yu Yu Hakusho, Houshin Engi, Hunter x Hunter, etc.
Current Songs I like(Updated!):

  • A Proof of Birth, Itsuka Dodoka De (Nataku, HEngi)
    Sweet Devil, Syoujo Misui (Vocaloid)
    Hyper Drive(YGO 5D's dub opening)
    (and more!)

Dreams: Be a Manga Writer/Artist, Meet Greg Ayers and Chuck Huber, and go to Japan.
Favorite Anime Charas: Hiei(YYH), Goku(Saiyuki), Kai Hiwatari(Beyblade), Masamune Date and Yukimura Sanada(Sengoku Basara), Killua Zoldyck (Hunter x Hunter), and Nataku and Raishinshi (Hoshin Engi/Soul Hunter) {STILL too many 2 list}

*side note: any images or videos posted on this world are not mine and used for entertainment purposes or promotional use for that artist ONLY, unless otherwise stated that they are in fact mine.*

Hello Again!!

Hey all!! Happy New Year!! I hope you have all been well. I got a new plush toy over my absence. He is Black Star, and his head is HUGE!! (Not 2 be rude). I hope to hear from all of you and I will, as of this year, try to put up some fan art. *Note to the unwise...I have all the originals to ALL my works, so don't try nothing funny...I'll know...* Anyway...*creepy smile* have a good 2011!! *Vanishes*

Merry Xmas and Happy new year 2011!!

Hey everybody!! It's gonna be Christmas soon, and then New Years!! Anywho, i hope u all have a great holiday and be sure to keep up all your hard work on your ecards and such!! MERRY XMAS!!!*Dances stupidly on lawn* Black Star!!!! i found this on google and thought it made a good Xmas theme


how are my fellow otaku?! i gotta admit i feel stupid for not mailing friends or putting these posts, but hey, senior year of high school is a lot of work!! any whos, halloween is coming up, so WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! to that, and i hope u all have a plan to enjoy yourselves. i of course will be Dante from Vampire Doll Guilt-na-Zan. gotta go for now, so enjoy your time!! *tosses flowers*

i've sent ECARDS!! and Happy Valentine's 2010!!

hi all!! who all's seen my new cards?! i wanted to put up one 4 valentine's, but it was declined. i'll keep trying, though. happy valentine's.

happy birthday

hello. i haven't been here in a while. i saw that iruka, just.me, and one other(i think it was Ryo, i have to check) had their b-days. happy birthday, and i hope to have something up 4 u someday. until then, good luck with life! bye!