Every person, is born under a special star, different from the stars we see in the night sky. One that watches over them as they grow, and protects them. Even if they don’t realise it themselves. They are also born with something inside their body, which links them to their star. A jewel of sorts. Destroy the jewel, and you destroy the star. Destroy the star, and you destroy all emotion and free will in its owner. Making them nothing more than a zombie.

The original scouts have passed, and now a new generation has to take their place. But with new scouts, comes a new enemy. An enemy determined to destroy the human race. Will the new scouts triumph, or will they fall to this new evil?

inufluffy12 - Hikari Tsukino Chiba/ Sailor Moon and Solaris Hiei/ Sailor Sun
Cat14 - Lily Idol/ Sailor Pluto
Kratos Cruxis - Shiri Misukara/ Sailor Saturn
Hulaberry32 - Minori Aino/ Sailor Venus
XxXWinXGirlXxX - Kyoko Mishi/ Sailor Mars
clueless101 - Kuro Wakusei/ Sailor Mercury
lapaperninja - Yusuke Masahiro/ Sailor Earth
HalfwayVamped - Prayer Haley/ Sailor Uranus

Important info
Point System
Spending Points

inufluffy12 - ><
Cat14 - 140
Kratos Cruxis - 180
Hulaberry32 - 140
XxXWinXGirlXxX - 140
clueless101 - 160
lapaperninja - 140
HalfwayVamped - 100

For now, please regard Prayer Haley/ Sailor Uranus as an NPC


"Fire soul, ignite!" I cried as fire burst from my finger tips as I pointed and shouted what I knew to be correct. How I knew what I was doing was beyond me, but I have to say I took to this unusual happenings rather quickly. After the mon...

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sorry, i have so much to do now that school is starting, i'm afraid i have to quit this RP, feel free to keep or discard Prayer as a sailor scout.



*Minori* My crescent beams and Venus Love-Me chains were holding up well, but not well enough. The swarm of monsters around me just increased, and I looked helplessly around me for some assistance....

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Tuxedo Smoking Bomb!


"This has to be some kind of weird dream!..Right?" I said looking down at the cat, "This is not Dream,Now go!" He said jumping off,"Now..what the hell do I have to do?!"

"Well I have found the Earth Sailor.." I turned around a Monster right behind me.. "The queen will be so Delighted " the monster said walking closer.."I don't think she will be now!" I said punching the Monster,"Hahaha! That's useless against me!" He said laughing
'This is my chance 'I though as I grabbed my Sword and ran towards him, "Punching might have been useless but not this.." I said Taking out the sword out of the monster who turned to dust..
'This is not that bad!,I could fight with out getting a detention' I though looking at the dust that was once the monster.
"Let's see if they need my help" I said Turning around as I looked at all of them,One of them seemed to be to Concentrated on The Monster she was Fighting,and two were Sneaking up behind her.
"What the!" The two said in unison
Looking at the Black rose, and words started coming to me,
"Tuxedo Smoking Bomb!"I shouted. Blasting energy from both my hands,both the Monsters Disapering I walked over to the girl
"Hey are you ok?"

~Characters Used~
Yusuke Masahiro
Minori Aino/Sailor Venus

Hope that's alright,

Dead Scream

I ran over to where the abundance of monsters had gathered. Fights were breaking out from different areas. I didn't know what to do. How was I suppose to fight at all. To the right of me was a girl with an orange and yellow sailor suit with a red ...

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