[part 1]A walk in the park

“How the HELL did I get myself into this FUCKING mess?!” Sai yelled
as he wondered through the maze like cave. “I had to go for a walk!”
He cursed as he stumbled ,half blind by the darkness of the cave.
Sai was taking a walk when he was attacked by one of the last of the
Uchiha clan. Sasuke Uchiha. Sai wouldn’t last very long with the injury
he received from a battle earlier that. Sai took shelter in a near by cave
with Sasuke following after him. Sai grunted at the memory of having
to resort to hiding from the enemy because of his injury. Sai stumbled
along his hand never leaving the cave wall. “Stupid Sa-Ahh “ he started
to say before he tripped on rock. Sai was steadily picking himself up, cursing
Sasuke with all his might, when he was whipped by something. Sai looked
to his right to see Sasuke smiling at him. Sasuke whipped him again with his
long Katana. “Wh-what are you doing?” Sai asked blushing. Sasuke’s smile
got bigger. “Playing with you.” Sasuke said whipping him once more. Sai
quickly got to his feet and baked away from Sasuke only to hit a corner of
the cave. Sasuke watched as Sai looked frantically for a way out. “So Sai….
How big is your penis?” Sasuke asked lustfully. Sai covered himself so
that it would have some protection against Sasuke. “Are you not going to
answer me? Oh well I guess I’ll just have to cut it off!” Sasuke yelled as he
charged at Sai. Sai watched in horror as Sasuke got closer and closer.
‘Will he really cut it off? I wouldn‘t put it passed him to try’ Sai thought to
Himself. In a split second Sasuke put his Katana bake in it’s sheath and
glomped Sai. Sasuke put his head close to Sai’s. He rubbed his cheek
on Sai’s cheek and chuckled as he pressed his body up against Sai’s.
“Move your hand’s.” Sasuke demanded. Sai didn’t budge or speak.
“If you don’t move your hand’s or I’ll make you move them.” Sasuke
whispered in Sai’s ear. “Hmph. How exactly will you do that?” Sai asked
and then regretted saying anything at all. Sasuke slipped his hand’s
down the back of Sai’s pant’s and stuck his finger into Sai. Sai grunted
as Sasuke pushed farther inside of him. “How about now?” He asked
sweetly. “No!” Sai yelled panting lightly. Sasuke smiled and stuck three
more finger’s into Sai. Sai yelled as Sasuke wiggled his finger’s. Sai
panted heavily as he rested his head on the rock behind him. Sasuke
chuckled and then spread his finger’s far apart. Sai let go of his groin
to remove Sasuke’s hand’s from his ass when Sasuke laughed with
victory and pulled down Sai’s pants and grabbed his dick. “Crap!”
Sai yelled as Sasuke put Sai’s dick in his mouth. Sai panted heavily
as he tried to push Sasuke off. Sasuke’s hands held tight to Sai’s waist
and his mouth even tighter on his dick. Sai got nervous as Sasuke
sucked harder and harder. ‘what if I end up hurting my dick if I pull him off?
He has a really tight hold on my penis! What do I do? What can I do?
Crap I’m going to come.’

to be continued