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Scarlet lust

(This is a work in progress and the main character is a lil crazy in the
begingin. Their cat demons and can turn into cat's. Just a lil background
info 4 u pplz.)

I watched my twin sister lure our target into a room. She the man that we
were tolled to assasinate was, like just almost all the other people we
killed, a pedofile. I I crawled into the air vent and waited patiently
for my sister to give me her sighn. I watched as the man laid on top of her.
She gave me her signal, which was her giggling. I turned back into my
human form before slipping from the vent and landed unoticed behind the
man. A kife sliped into my hand from it's place holer on my arm. I pressed
it to his neck. "Mind if I cut in?" I hissed, a wicked smile
on my face as I slit his throght, my sister slipping away from him before
the blood got on her, then started staving him in the back, making sure
he was dead. A sharp wicked smile on my face as my hair, cloth's and face
was staind with streaks of blood. "Ok Rim that's enough, Hes dead." My
sister said pulling me from the now shreaded body of the man. "Aw, I
was having fun too!
" I whinned lightly, slipping the nife back into
it's holding place. She giggled and turned around, transforming into a
white kitten and slipping into the air vent. I rolled my eyes and turned
into a black kitten, joining her as we left.


I sighed happily as I slipped onto my bed. "Arn't you going to take a bath?"
Rukia asked, a towel in her hand. "I'll wait untill your done. I wouldn't
want to stain your pretty bath towel with blood.
" I said teassingly. She
rolled her eyes and walked out of the room. I chuckeled, sitting up. I streached my back, a few poping sound's cooming from my back.

(Ok idk how to continue this. If anyone has sum ideas tell me plz!!!! If u
wanna be co-writter that would help too. Send me a message or just use the
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[Part 2] Cave Adventures

This is the second part of a story I have up here. Enjoy!!

“Your such an ass hole! Let me go! I’m going to kill you watch!!”
Sai yelled as he tried to pull Sasuke off, who was still sucking on Sai.
“Ah ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” Sai yelled when he came. Sasuke’s grip
on him got lose. Both his hand’s and mouth. He pulled away from Sai
and laid his hand’s on the ground. Sai fell to his knees panting heavily
and sweaty. He immediately covered himself so Sasuke couldn’t
start sucking on him again. Sasuke looked at Sai evilly. “Next time
could you tell me when your going to come?” He asked lustfully and
licked Sai’s hand. “Who said there’s going to be a next time?!” Sai yelled
then noticed that there was no way out. He was stuck there until Sasuke
let him go. That is if he let him go. Sai looked at Sasuke with no emotion
other than anger. “So you finally realized there is no way that you can
get away from me eh? I’m not going to let you leave me.” He pulled Sai
in for a hug. “There is no escape from me now.” He continued.
They were silent for a moment but it was Sai who broke the silence.
“What do you want from me?” Sai asked, his voice braking twice.
“What I want is simple. I want you.” he said rubbing Sai’s wound on his
back. “How did you get this wound? Is this why you ran and didn’t fight?”
Sasuke asked with lust still in his voice. “That’s none of you bisness.”
Sai snapped and tried to push him away. Sasuke grabbed both of his
wrist’s and pined him up against the wall of the cave. “Wrong move Sai
now your mine.” Sasuke said smiling and pushed himself inside Sai.
“Ah aaaaaaaaaah. Urgh!!!!” Sai yelled as Sasuke penetrated him.
“heh your so tight.” Sasuke said licking Sai’s neck. Sasuke pushed his lip’s
onto Sai’s and kissed the wounded ninja that looked similar to him, passionately.
“Uhm…..Hmmmn…mhnn…uhhn…!!!” Sai tried to say something but
wasn’t able to because of Sasuke’s lip’s. Sai didn’t stop fighting Sasuke at all
although his body started to get strained and weak he didn’t stop pushing away
from him until Sasuke hit his wound. “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!” Sai yelled in agony.
“Your…..such a……dick…!!!” He said panting. Sasuke chuckled evilly and hit his
wound again. “Ahh!” He yelled again. Sai kicked Sasuke away from him and quickly
pulled his pant’s up. He got to his feet and ran away from Sasuke. Sai maid it to the
end of the cave and was about to jump into the tree’s and escape the cave and Sasuke
when he was pulled to the right onto the floor. Sai grunted he slowly got to his feet.
He was sure that Sasuke was the one who had pulled him but when he looked up he
seen his teem mate, Naruto Uzamaki. “What are you doing out here Sai?! Your
wounded you should be back at the camp resting! Come on I’ll take you back.” He
lectured Sai but put his hand out for Sai to take. He gladly took his teem mate’s hand.
Naruto pulled him to his feet. “What happened to you? Your all sweaty.” Naruto asked
with his loud and squeaky voice. “Nothing it was just really hot in that cave.” Sai lied
not wanting any one to know what Sasuke did to him. Naruto looked at him strangely.
“Your lying.” He said catching his bluff. “What really happened?” He asked. Sai shook
his head and started walking to camp. Naruto grabbed his wrist and pulled him back.
“What happened? Tell me Sai! And why is your wound bleeding again?!” Naruto
yelled pointing out his bloody bandage. Sai sighed and turned to his concerned yet
angry friend. “I ran into Sasuke-” “What?! And you fought him in your condition!
Why would you do that?” Naruto yelled cutting him off. “I didn’t fight him I ran, but
he found me. Now come on let’s get back to the camp.” Sai said as he pulled Naruto
along by his wrist but he resisted and jerked back making Sai fall again. “Sai is Sasuke
in that cave?” Naruto asked as Sai slowly pushed himself up from the ground.
When Sai was on his feet he simple nodded. “I’m going in there to fight him.” Naruto
said and turned his back to Sai. “Fine. But I’m not going with you. If you want to say
anything to me it’s now.” Sai began to bake away. “or never.”.
“I’m sorry Sai but I have to do this.” Naruto said turning to face him.
“What ever go get yourself killed. I don’t care.” He said baking away with a face
that had nothing but disgust for him. He turned around running and took off for
the camp leaving Naruto in shock. Naruto’s eye’s were wide and his mouth
even wider. “What do I do? Do I go after Sasuke..” He looked over at the cave
“or take Sai back to camp?” He looked to where Sai disappeared into the tree’s.
If I go after Sasuke Sai might get attacked and end up dieing. And if I go after
Sai who knows when I will get a chance like this to bring Sasuke bake. Ahh I don’t
know what to do! Naruto thought to himself. He grunted and jumped into the tree’s
to go after Sai. Naruto followed the blood trail to Sai who was leaning on a tree for
support. He slowly walked in agony. Naruto jumped down and grabbed his arm.
When Sai turned his head to see who was behind him pure shock came to his face.
“What? Did you really think I wasn’t going to come for you? That hurt’s Sai.” Naruto
said playfully. “I uh…” Sai trailed off. “Take off your shirt Sai.” Naruto said looking
at his bloody bandage. “Uh…wh-what?” Sai asked confused. “Take it off I need to
change your bandage.” Naruto said holding out a roll of wrap. “Oh.” He said blushing
and took off his shirt. Naruto sat him down and took off the blood stained bandage’s.
He cleaned his wound and rewrapped it with new clean bandage’s. “Are you ok?”
He asked finishing wrapping the bandage around Sai. “Yah it’s nothing serious.
I‘ll be fine.” Sai said as Naruto moved away from him. I have a strong urge to kiss him.
Why is that? Naruto thought to himself. Sai was reaching for his shirt
when Naruto grabbed both of his hand’s. “Uh what are y-” Sai started to say but
stopped when Naruto pulled his hand’s to his mouth and kissed them softly.
Naruto looked at him with big beautiful mesmerizing blue eye’s. “Sai, kiss me.”
Naruto said lovingly. “Uh w-what?” Sai asked confused. Naruto let go of his hand’s
and forced a kiss upon his lip’s. Sai didn’t fight him in fact he wrapped his arm’s around
Naruto. Holding him close to his body. When there lip’s parted Naruto chuckled and kissed
Sai again but softer this time. Sai put his hand on the side of his face and stared deeply
into Naruto’s eye’s. Naruto took Sai’s other hand and placed it on top of his penis. Sai’s
face got red as Naruto pushed Sai’s hand inside of his pant’s. “Uh…..w-what are you d-doing?”
Sai asked nervously. If I’m going to get dragged into another sex fight I’m sure as hell
not going to be the bitch again! Sai thought to himself and grabbed Naruto’s dick.
“Ahh don’t grab it so hard.” Naruto said lightly. Sai pulled out Naruto’s dick and smiled.
“W-what?” Naruto asked. “Yours is smaller than mine.” Sai said teasing Naruto.
“Is that so?” He stuck his hand into Sai’s pant’s and pulled his dick out.
“Ah…um I guess it is bigger….” Naruto said comparing there penises.
“Hey why is it wet?” Naruto asked. Fuck is it still wet from Sasuke?
“I don’t know.” Sai said trying to brush it off. “Your lying again.” Naruto accused Sai.
“Uh n-no I’m not.” Sai stuttered. “What really happened in the cave when Sasuke was chasing you?”
Naruto pressed for more. “I fucked him!” Sasuke said from his hiding place in the tree’s.
Sai pulled away from Naruto and took off running leaving both Naruto and his shirt behind.
“Where do you think your going?” Sasuke said as he grabbed his arm and pulled him
back so hard that he fell to the floor. Sai looked up at Sasuke with anger in his eye’s.
“Don’t look at me like that! I’m not the one that was keeping our little game a secret.”
Sasuke said looking at Naruto. “What are you looking at? Do you want to do something to me too?”
Naruto asked angrily as Sasuke moved closer to Sai. “No I’m not interested in you” He
grabbed the back of Sai’s head and pulled him to his feet by his hair. “Ah! Let me go!”
Sai yelled as he struggled to get away from Sasuke. “Let him go!” Naruto yelled
charging at Sasuke with a kunai in his hand. Sasuke smiled and moved Sai in front of him.
By the time Naruto seen what Sasuke did it was too late for him to dodge Sai.
“Ah….Naru….to..” Sai said when the kunai went into his lower chest. Sasuke pulled
Sai back and punched Naruto. He threw the bleeding Sai onto his solder and took off with
Naruto following close behind him.

Part Uno!

Naruto was walking back from a D rank mission in the outskirt‘s of the Leaf village.
One of the villagers there was having trouble with there farming because they had
hurt there back. “Man I wish I could get a real mission. I’m already fifteen and I’m
still doing these stupid odd job’s.” Naruto fumed as he continued on the long walk
home. He got to the forest quickly but he was injured while helping the farmer. He
had gotten attacked by an angry bull and hurt his left leg. Naruto sat down to rest
for a while. He could feel the presents of someone else but thought nothing of it.
It’s probably just a messenger He thought to himself. Little did he know Sasuke
Uchiha, his formal friend and continuous rival, has been watching him ever since
he left the village. In fact he was the one who got the Bull riled up. Sasuke waited
until Naruto was asleep to make his move. He landed soundlessly in front of Naruto
and easily tied his hand’s together. He threw Naruto onto his back violently hoping
to wake him. Man you’re a heavy sleeper Sasuke said in his head and ran in the
direction of some hidden cave’s he had stumbled upon. He laid Naruto on the floor
and proceeded to undress him. “I’ll finally get what I’ve been craving for so long.”
Sasuke whispered as he pulled down Naruto’s boxer’s. Sasuke undid the purple
rope/belt and started thrusting inside Naruto. Naruto awoke on the first thrust
and began to fumble with the tie’s on his wrist’s. His face was red with embracement
and anger. “What the hell do you think your doing? Let me-!” His word’s were
forgotten when Sasuke grinded harder into Naruto’s ass. His word’s were replaced
with scream’s of not anger but of ecstasy. His body thrashed under the pressure
of Sasuke‘s violent thrusts. Sasuke smiled at Naruto as he began to scream his
name. “That’s it Naruto. Scream my name. Cry to me.” Sasuke whispered into
his ear and Naruto did exactly as Sasuke wanted. Naruto wrapped his leg’s
around Sasuke’s waist as a way to keep him there. To not let him leave again.
When Naruto came so did Sasuke. Sasuke pulled his pant’s back on and fixed
his belt. “Good bye Naruto. I’ll be seeing you soon.” Sasuke murmured evilly
and disappeared, leaving Naruto alone and half naked. He continued to mess
with the rope on his wrist’s until it finally broke. He quickly got dressed as tired
as he was. He walked out of the cave slowly and started walking back to the
village. He would never tell anyone about this. Not ever. When he got to the
village he had most of his strength back. He ran to his home as fast as he could
and when he got there he was surprised to see Garaa there. “Ah Garaa what are
you doing here?” Garaa looked up at him and smiled slightly. “I was called to
the village to help repair some damage. I finished early so I thought I would pay
you a visit.” He said emotionless. “Oh well I’m pretty wiped out right now. I
need to take a rest. You can stay as long as you want.” Naruto smiled and
walked to his room. He striped down to his boxers and climbed into bed.
“Where did you get those marks?” Garaa asked looking at the marks than
Sasuke left. “Oh there from a bull that attacked me.” Naruto mumbled not wanting
to tell Garaa about the scene in the cave. Garaa walked closer to Naruto and
examined them closer. “Those are finger marks.” Garaa said frowning. “What
really happened?” Garaa said with anger leaking into his usual non emotional
voice. “Its nothing really.” Naruto smiled up at Garaa who was now sitting on the
side of the bed. He placed his left hand on Naruto’s cheek and smiled at him.
“What happened Naruto? I promise I won’t think any less of you or tell anyone
about it.” Garaa said lovingly. Naruto started blushing then reluctantly tolled
Garaa what happened. The look in Garaa’s eye’s was not of disgust but of
anger. “Are you going after him now?” Naruto asked though he already knew
the answer. Garaa was silent foe a while before he answered. “If you don’t want
me to than I won’t.” He whispered as he moved closer to Naruto his lie was not
noticed by the young blond ninja,. Naruto’s face turned bright red. Garaa moved
forward and kissed Naruto lightly. Naruto melted into the embrace and desperately
clung to Garaa’s slim figure. Garaa’s hand’s explored Naruto’s back and thigh’s.
The way Garaa’s hands touched Naruto maid him shiver. He was overcome with
the sudden urge to take him. He sat up and pushed Garaa back. He then climbed
on tope of Garaa’s body and smiled down at him. Garaa pulled him down into a deep kiss.
Naruto grinded his, now hard, erection against Garaa’s. In turn Garaa began to moan loudly.
He pushed Naruto off of him reluctantly. “I need to do something. I swear I’ll be right back.”
Garaa muttered, his eyes heavy with passion. He left Naruto to go find Sasuke, who was
watching them from the outside. Garaa went in search of Sasuke angrily. Sasuke was
following Garaa now. He waited to attacked until he was safe in the woods. He jumped
down and sliced Garaa’s leg. The sand ninja feel to the floor cursing. Sasuke pushed him
down and began to kiss him. “Why would you try to take my Naruto from me?” Sasuke
said against Garaa’s lip’s. “Naruto doesn’t belong to any one. He’s a person not a thing.”
Garaa said pushing away from Sasuke. Sasuke grabbed him by the wrist’s and pushed
him down. “Now who do you think your talking to? I’ve known him longer than you have.”
Sasuke hissed. Garaa glared up at him, his anger showing in his eyes. I will kill him! Even if
I have to die as well!


Hisagi x Renji PREVIEW

"Hisagi..." Renji whispered hoarsely. But this was ignored, for in the next moment, he was stripped of everything but the white tabi and sandals. Hisagi's hands was positioned on Renji's waist, and his lips brushed down his chest and abdomen. But when Renji shivered when he went lower, they brushed back up to his neck and back to his lips. Renji's hands held Hisagi's face there as they kissed. His fingers entwined in jet black hair. Hisagi pulled up, black eyes looking down into Renji's brown.

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“I don’t know why I have to go to school on Saturday.” Kat fumed as he walked into
the Class room. He seen that there was only one other person in the class other than the teacher.
He was standing in one of the corner’s of the class room. Kat found a seat and sat
there waiting for the teacher to start the class. The Teacher stood up from his seat
and started writing page number’s on the board then turned to face the two boy’s.
“Ok read all these pages then do the quick write at the end of each chapter.”
The teacher said walking from the room. “I’ll be back in five hour’s. That should
give you plenty of time.” He said on the way out of the room. Kat turned to look at
the boy that was standing in the corner. He seems familiar but I know I have never seen him.
He reminds me of the picture’s Sammy drew of Jade. He thought to himself and came closer to the boy.
He was about two inches from the boy when he stopped. Kat’s curiosity at it’s peek.
“What is your name?” He asked. The boy smiled and said “My name is Jade short for
Jayden. And yours is?” He asked looking at him with big eye’s. “I’m know as Kat.” Kat
mumbled looking down. Jade moved Kat’s head up with his index finger. “So do you
want that ‘present’ now?” He asked in a seductive and lustful voice. Kat blushed.
Jade took the caller of Kat’s shirt and pulled him closer to him and pushed his lip’s on Kat’s.
Acting on instinct Kat put his arm’s around Jade’s neck and closed his eye’s.
They kissed passionately and held onto each other as if it was the last time they
would ever see each other. When they pulled away from the kiss Jade moved to his neck .
He pushed Kat up against the wall and continued to cares his neck. Jade began to undress Kat.
There eye’s meet as Jade pulled Kat’s shirt off. He lowered himself and unbuttoned Kat’s pant’s.
“Uh…Jade what are yo-Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” Kat yelled when Jade squeezed his dick.
Jade began to lick the shaking Kat lightly. He put it in his mouth and began to suck. Kat panted and shivered and gasped as Jade proceeded to suck on him. He pulled away and looked up at Kat.
He stood up and pulled Kat to the floor. Jade reached into his bag and pulled out some hand cuff’s.
Jade pulled Kat’s hand’s behind him causing him to fall forward a little bit. Jade hand cuffed
Kat’s hand’s then pulled his dick out and pushed inside Kat. “Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah!”
Kat screamed as Jade pushed inside of him.