4. Weekend

Weekend: Shuumatsu (SHUU-MATSU)

Shuumatsu ni - On the weekend

Note: The reason for the word break down in the parenthesis’ is so I know what kind of characters make up the word (how it's spelled in Japanese). It's mostly for my benefit, but I thought I'd mention my reasoning incase anyone was curious.

My reasoning: If Shuumatsu was written in Hiragana I would have broke it down like this: shu-u-ma-tsu, but it's not. Shuumatsu is written with 2 kanji charcters the first one reading as Shuu, and the second one as Matsu. I will always use capitol letters for the parts written in Kanji, and lower case for Hiragana....I guess I'll just mention if a word uses Katakana :3