OK! I'm restarting my attempt to learn Japanese once again XD I will try and post one word each day. Well see how it goes (hopefully well).

Also, I'm accepting guest posters for this world; if you know anything about the Japanese language, culture, ect. and feel like sharing, or if your just interested in learning Japanese, and want to post questions, or what you've been learning on your own, or anything, I'll add you XD

Guest Posters/Teachers:
moonlit dream

Any questions, requests (for words), or corrections, notes or tips are welcomed and encouraged :D

Moonlit dream's Grammar Lessons:

Particle Helpfulness :D

More for my benefit, but if it helps anyone else then thats great XD I'll be adding more as I learn it. Ga: (Subject particle; but) If a sentence starts with a question word, it should have 'Ga' as a top...

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2. Which

1. Which (pronoun, interrogative): Dore (do-re) 2. Which (pronoun/adjective): Dono (do-no) 3. Which (adjective, polite): Dochira (do-chi-ra)...

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1. Start

Start (noun): Hajimari (HAJI-ma-ri)

meanings: Start, Beginning, Onset, Dawn (as in beginning [dawn of new era], not the actual sunrise)


Koko ni / / in here; here (live, stay, sit here)

other forms of "here":
Koko de / here (sleep, eat here)
Koko e / here (come here)


Demo /but/though/any/even/or something

But I'm not going / Demo Watashi wa ikanai
Anyone / Dare Demo
Anywhere / Doko Demo
Even if it rains / Ame Demo
Would you like some coffee or something? / Kouhii Demo ikaga desu ka