This is the place were i will be posting my unintentional stories about Sabriela.
I have many stories and would love to eventually write a book, so this is my world of undecided pieces. some of this may actually become part of the final story.

If you are interested in the stories i may have an ending for it PM me and i will see if i can write a ending, that way i can post more of it.

the less feed back the more i will think it wasn't that good and leave the story alone.

I have decided to create bios and post them.

Thomas Elanzo SanftBeruren (a description pieced together by Sabriela)

Age: 27
Hight: 6'2"
Eyes: Grey, seem to glow purple,
Hair: dusty red, seems to shine purple,shoulder length,
likes: music,dancing,literature, obedience,dressing sharp, will find out more later,...
dislikes: restrictions, being lied to, and many other things, like when i push him into doing things,
words i can use to describe him: mad(as in crazy), active, impatient, kind, friendly, understanding, greedy, jealous, perverted, controlled (vaguely)

Thomas back story: (created after a long day slacking at my desk)
Thomas was separated from his biological family at the age of five.he was then adopted by a German family at age six. he was raised by his new mother and crazy new millionaire father.Thomas began to study science at age seventeen, were he became interested in bio-enhancement studies.Shortly after his twenty third birthday, his father had a heart attack and the ambulance taking both his mother and father to the hospital was struck by a trucker with a flat tire resulting in their death. Leaving Thomas with everything in his fathers will. He then invested in the underground lab and in a years time he almost went completely mad. Firing all of his staff and employing random scientists from all over the country. After another year of slow research passed Thomas hired a young man and his cat who would change his life forever.

Sabriela Hellena

Age: (unknown)
Hight: 5'4”
Eyes: Green,
Hair: Black, comes down just past hips,
Likes: meeting people, making people happy, cats, vampires,cos-playing, dancing, adventure,
Dislikes: slavery, dogs, herself, and other things,
words people use to describe her: fun, quirky, odd, bold, reclusive, shy, gullible, open, jumpy, scattered,

Sabrielas back story:(created and lived by Sabriela)
Sabriela was born a demigod in a dimension in the past, she ran away from an arranged marriage at age fifteen and discovered her powers to travel through stories. The only gift from the gods to her (that was supposed to help) was a choice of an additional power and a promise that she would never be alone. To her the promise became a curse as many soon became attracted to her and always seemed to harm her in the end. Forbid from entering the celestial plane she is reborn over and over. Now she travels dimensions through out time attempting to help others, and find a true happiness.

I hope you enjoy what you find in here!

Thomas meets Sabriela the beginning of a working relation (*note* this is actually a part of the ori

It was a bright day, the sun partially covered by fast wispy clouds. Though it was a nice day to sit back and enjoy a vacation, that was the last thing on Thomas's mind. Thomas had been up late working for weeks on end, trying to figure out the last piece to his latest crazy experiment. He had already passed the point of not being tired too many times that week. The constant nagging in his mind that something was missing seemed to eat away at him. And even with his staff he seemed to feel alone. He decided to take a walk to clear his head. He removed his lab coat and headed to the door. Just as he was about to leave the building the head secretary stopped him.

“Sir!” she caught up to him with a clipboard in hand. “Sir, you have a visitor in your office. He has been waiting for quite a while.”

Thomas regrettably headed towards his office. Other than the lab his office was one place he had been calling home. Not that he had nowhere to live, just he had spent so much time in the building it seemed more like his castle than the one across town. Looking through the glass on his door before entering he saw the young man sitting perfectly still with a cat on his lap. The boy looked like a kid still in high school. Thomas walked in sat in his chair and said with a straight yet weary face.

“Who are you and what is that doing in the building?” hoping slightly to get this over with quickly so he can continue his planed walk.

“I am Saber Hellena, and this is my seeing eye cat if you don't like it then you should have told your secretary to stop me at the door.” Saber said not even moving his head.

Oh great the kids a smart ass, Thomas thought to him self. “Alright Mr. Hellena, what brings you hear when you obviously should be in school?” Thomas said, edging to the fact a kid this young shouldn't be hanging around suspicious looking buildings.

Saber then turned his head and looked at Thomas, with a twisted smile and said “I was hoping to become a lab assistant, in this sinister building, and it seems like this dismal place needs someone like me.”

“Do you mean to insult the building or its occupants!” Thomas said a little amused with the way the young man made it sound almost like a compliment.

“Dose it matter? Its not like it could improve in the least bit,” Saber said with a smirk. “and the decor is besides the point!”

“And what is your point, Mr. Hellena?” Thomas said still a little agitated from his lack of sleep, yet interested in the kids odd answers “Why have you insisted on coming here when there are many normal jobs for your pursuit?”

“ I am not normal, and believe it or not you need someone like me on your staff.” Saber said simply.

“And why is that, I see no reason you could be of any use in this lab? What is it you think you could bring to this table?” Thomas asked as if to say that Saber was less than qualified for any position he had to offer.

Saber got up and leaned on Thomas's desk with one hand, then with a stern look he said “Absolutely nothing or anything, its your choice. I will let you sleep on it, but I suggest you go home and actually sleep this time.” and with that he left. Gone out the door before Thomas could think of a good comeback.
Thomas left the lab and took that walk he'd wanted, yet his mind never cleared. He kept thinking about the young man. It disturbed him that a male would plague his thoughts for he was surly not gay. When he stopped walking he became aware he had walked all the way to his house.
What he hadn't noticed was that Saber had followed him home. He entered his house suddenly tired.
Sabriela knew her power had effected him and followed him home, she was both curious as to how he would handle his plagued thoughts and as to why she felt so at ease in his presence. She felt bad that she had to lie to him, yet strangely it didn't bother her as much. Her disguise was working for once, and this time she was going to make the best of it. She went home to her mansion and got ready for a lab geek job, somehow knowing that he would have no choice left but to hire her. After all she had followed him around before, and knew she may be able to help. She then played with Mow till she fell asleep.
Thomas actually felt tired and slept for almost a day. When he woke, he decided that it may prove to be interesting to employ the quirky young man, and if he got out of hand Thomas thought it may be funny to threaten him with being the next lab subject.
When Thomas arrived at the lab, Saber was already there, and greeted him with “Did you enjoy your nap? I mean, uh, You ready for a change?” then shoving his hands in his pockets.

Thomas thought to him self that he probably intimidated the kid. And said “What makes you think I was actually considering employing you?” and was surprised when the boy said.

“You were smiling, when you walked in. That means a change has already begun, are you ready for it?”

Thomas pauses than says with a grin, “Always!” as if he had just gotten a brilliant idea.

“Splendid,” Saber said, removing the cat from his backpack, This is Mow Yin, she's my working companion and promises not to get into trouble.”

As soon as Saber set the cat on the floor she took a running leap onto Thomas's shoulders. She pured her greeting in his ear as he reached up and scratched her ear. Saber took to his position quickly cleaning the lab, organizing beakers, setting up for each experiment, and seemed to always have what Thomas was about to ask for on hand. This sped the research significantly and Thomas stopped working late so often.

(to be continued)

The second thought (note: this is not from the original story of Sabriela)

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Sabriela and the koi prince Sai

Sabriela and the koi prince Sai part 1

“ I think love him!” Thomas' heart stopped dead as he heard Sabriela say those words, he was then relived to see her bouncing into the room holding a small bag to her chest. The bag contained a small oddly spotted koi. His relief was short lived when Sabriela tripped on the door sill and the bag went flying. His first reaction was to catch the flying object, forgetting his own strength, lunged and caught the bag too tightly, popping it. Quickly he scooped the fish up into a beaker and filled with water, even then the fish looked less than likely to make it. Sabriela who had been too stunned to do a thing till now took the beaker from Thomas and stuck her hand into the water. “wait what are you doing, that could kill him!” Thomas yelled as he realized she was pulling the fish out of the water, he reached for the fish and Sabriela shoved the beaker of water in to his open hand. As she held the koi it began to glow a bright blue, and Thomas realized what she was doing. his was the first time he had seen her transform her pets, and within a few seconds the fish became a young man. “Sai, are you all right?” Oddly enough the human Sai closely resembled the fish and looked like a Si-fi character, on his head was a brightly colored head-set. Sabriela oblivious to his being naked was looking into Sais' eyes as if to assure him that she would understand when he tried to speak, and to Thomas' surprise he also understood when Sai said “Just... a little...out of breath mi lady.” Hearing that Sabriela gave him a hug, “Thank my Shinigami, now lets get you something to were.”


Thomas was reorganizing his desk when Sabriela came in late. She had been coming in late for the last month, ever since she had brought that fish boy home. That nuisance of a pet seemed to have more of her attention than he wanted her to have. Instead of Sabriela going to her desk, she came into his office. She seemed happy enough, then he saw Sai. He was following Sabriela into the building and acting shy. “What is he doing in here, shouldn't he be in his tank!” Thomas snapped, it was bad enough that Sabriela was always taking personal leave to visit those other dimensions and let her murdering brother live in her house, but her newest fish friend was worse than any of his own experiments. “Prince Sai, wants to experience a human life. He wants to get a job here!” she said as if she didn't here the second half of his sentence. “Oh, so he's a prince now,when did this come on?” he said enthusiastically. “When he told me he was one, and thats not the point of ...”he cut her off with “ Are you that gullible, I'm a king in my own world, would you for a second believe that to be true in this world?” there was a small pause then she said in a matter of fact tone “More than a second!” obviously he wasn't getting any point across, so he sat down on his desk and said, “I'm not hiring a fish even if he were the presidents son!” Sabrielas' expression changed, and not to what he had expected. Instead of a sad or hurt look, she smiled mischievously. “Oh but you will, or he might sue you for attempted murder,and with me as his attorney you'll lose big-time!” Meanwhile on the other side of the room, Sai stands by one of the bosses many shelves. He couldn't care less what Sabriela was saying to her boss, she said that her boss would no doubt hire him, so he thought they are most likely just talking over the preparation details. He picked up an object that looked like a rock and put it in his mouth. Noting that it tasted like old socks, he put it back on the shelf and grabbed the next object. Then when all the loose objects had been tasted he found a jar of purple jell-like stuff. The lid made a small pop sound as he opened it. As he sniffed at it Sabriela came back over to him. “Told you he'd give you a job, you start as the janitor!” She said while taking the jar away. He was looking forward to the job, but that jar was very interesting.

to continue later,...


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