it's been forever

i saw my once upon a time post on the"featured post"(how long have we had that?)well i couldn't help face-pawm my self for my noobness and WOW my spelling has improved. so maybe there is hope for me yet
oh theotaku smiley how i've missed the.
i apologise for never being on :/ it's not that this place has gotten boring. if any of you remember my keyboard broke so i've had to type with the onscreen one ...and its not so great. i still don't have a keyboard fml(jk)but im going to try not to be a stranger
my will for drawing has somewhat been depleted for the time being(i blame the fact that i have no paitience for inking and coloring. but i have been painting. even though my canvises are to big for a scanner maybe i can take a photograph. i might post it on d.a first.
well im going to end it at that...cause i'm typing with the onscreen keyboard and its not very fun. hope you have a good day otakus