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A.M.V. ADDICTION!![my world where i and guest posters post amvs!!!

havent been here in a while

i was finaly able to sneek on my bro's computer. so anyway long time no see people of theo. i see alot of the people i used to be so close to on here are now inactive :( i miss the close groop of friends i made on here and i will continue to atempt to update here from time to time.
lets see...ive been trying to coment on some post/art submisions but for some reason the window is not working for me: it will just show me the coments on a diffrent window and i do not get the option in comenting :/. im guessing that my java is out dated? well if thats the case then i doubt i can fix it cause... well this is not my computer and im not allowed to mess with it >.<. so im thinking for post ill ...hm i was gonna say pm but thats kinda much... what do you all think i should do?

as for my life, guys i gotta say im not doing so hot :( i am currently unemployed and aplying at places. my dad is the only one with a job in my family right now and work is slowing down where he works at right now...damn reseshion>.<....i really hope things pick up...

on a brigher note though i have a boyfriend who loves and cherishes me ^.^ haha i dont know why i through that out there but i did.

anyway if you are reading this thank you and i hope you have a great day/night.

are you there world?

cough cough!!!!
I've almost completely grown tired of making art :( it was never anything i had any passion for but just something i was good at. I was more of a writer ( lol and with my luck could you imagine with my terrible gramer/ spelling skills?). well i didn't hate art so much till my a.p art teacher killed my muse >.>. i will try and obtain it again someday...
so last night i picked up a paper and tried my hand at writing a song... i would say it came out DEMOish. I will not post it cause the subject has really no relevance and it is unfinished but when i do i will.
for me art and writing are two sides of a coin.
art is where i can zone out and create commercial beauty= zero emotion. While song writing i can put my emotion and situations in life out, more of a vent than anything.
i dont plan on perusing music as a carer as of now cause i am extremely fickle when it comes to dreams XD + i have no singing talent. OH SNAP i forgot! i am starting to learn the guitar! like just now... in this room...self taut with the help of the web/ youtube. i can see myself picking this up faster than most cause It's not frustrating nor do i have any pressure

well see you latter otakus

time zones?

simple question what time zone do you live in?
( i forgot what the one i live in was called XD)

wish list

thease are a few things i plan on waiting my money on ( check day is tomorow yay me! :P)
1. CAR (wont be able to buy this for a good while)
2. printer/SCANER
3 violin/ keyboard( want to learn)
4. tablet
5. manga studios
6. make up :face primer, maskcera and difrent color eyeliners ( i plan on becoming a makeup artist on the side)

and i belive that is all for a good while

its about that damn time you pay me back unckel sam!


my scaner isnt working... time for a new one?