Hey guess what guys, I passed! :3

Yeah, it wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be (but as I was waiting for the instructor, I felt like I was seriously going to puke!) So I just had to drive around a little, park uphill and back around a corner. It wasn't all bad!

Oh and this is a random little note for Kasa-chan! I didn't hit any innocent squirrels or bunnies (ferral or otherwise). BUT on the way back, after I had already gotten my license, there was a dead squirrel in the road. Oh the irony :D P.S. I'm working on the art trade right now! I like how it's coming out so far~

...I supose that's all...I don't have much else to report, considering I just posted yesterday. OH! I passed my constitution test, so I woun't be failing my geovernment class. Yay horray!

Kay, Bye bye peeps~