Gah! I am so dang nervous right now! My tummy is turnning flip-flops D:
Wanna know why? (even if you don't I'm going to tell you :3)

I have to go take my test to get my drivers license tomorrow!'s scary! I get so nervous with normal testing and now it's going to be in a car, with an instructor I've never met, and my horrible sense of direction. I'm so scared that I ish going to fail! Technically, I supose I could have gotten my license like...over half a year ago...but I didn't want to face the I have toooooooo! D:

On a related note, my dad made me drive for myself for the first time today. I just drove around the neighborhood, so it wasn't too bad...but it was so quiet! It was a good thing I had the radio on or else I might have gone nutso!

Oh, and I have a Constitution Test, which is the government test you have to pass in order to pass the class...but I'm not really nervous about that. It should be easy peasy lemon squeezy!

...I'm going to go have some Mike-n-Ikes to calm my nerves (their my antidepresents ^-^)

Hopefully, your lives are less stressfull than mine right. Now, you guys just have to wait for the bad hopefully good news tomorrow! ^-^