Oopsie, I'm Supposed to be Doing Work Now Aren't I?

Hiya guys!~ Not sure how long this post is going to be 'cause I'm sitting in summer school and we're supposed to be working on our debates, but I is being lazy (well, not too lazy. I have all the research done for my 3 topics and I've already written everything for my 2...so I just have to work on the last one)

If your curious, my debates are...
1. Marijuana should be legalized
2. Affirmative action is a form of reverse discrimination
3. Military service should be mandatory

Yeah, but I possitively love debates~, but every time I have one I want to slam my hands on the desk and yell "OBJECTION!!!"...but that would get me some weird looks ^-^

So onto anime news! I've already managed to watch 3 full animes (Scrapped Princess, AIR and Ballad of a Shinigami) this summer and it's only been about...oh 5 days I believe. Plus, I have to blance summer school with all that so yeah. Right now I'm chipping my way through D. Gray-man. It's pretty good so far! (I'm only on ep. 32 though)

Alrighty then! I have to go and "work" on my debates before my teach comes over here and starts wondering what I'm up to! Buh-bye peeps!