Pay It Forward! Looking for People!

So, I'm taking part in the Pay it Forward challenge that's currently being hosted on the site.

Only problem is, I don't have 3 people to draw pictures for...
However, that's where you guys come in! If you are willing to participate, just drop a comment letting me know you're participating and letting me know what your request is...or if you don't have a request, just let me know you would like to participate and I'll draw you whatever I feel like. PLEASE read the rules of the challenge first before you ask for a request. :)

1. LuminousIceNinja

As a side-note, at the earliest, these pictures won't be posted till after September 10th. My home scanner is being wonky, but I know a friend at school with a scanner so I'm planning on stealing it to post these pictures (and the 10 sketch requests which I am almost done with!)

Have a great day my friends!~
~ Ryuchu
P.S. If no one responds to this in a few days, I'll just start drawing for whichever friend I feel like. If you receive a drawing randomly from me, please don't feel obligated to participate. :)