10 Free (Chibi) OC Sketches [CLOSED!]

I like to jump on bandwagons.

Sorry I've been dead, but this term is particularly crazy for me. But, I'm sure I'll have time to draw up a set of 10 chibi sketches, so this seems like a good way to get back in touch with people (because I suck at maintaining relationships).

If you request, you have to post this on your world and draw 10 requests for 10 other people. Or...you really don't have too, but it would be nice. ^^ (* indicate I finished them. :3)

EDIT!: Though it may have taken a while (and thanks to Sayura being a sweetheart <3) all of the requests have been filled! I'm really sorry if you missed out...maybe I'll host another one some day? Would anyone be interested?

1. moonlit dream - Gabe*
2. KeybladeMewKasa - Takari and Gemma FRIENDSHIP POW-WOW!*
3. Kailith - Althea*
4. aragorn1014 - Super Secret :3 (Not Really)*
5. yumei hearts u - Minami and Hideki*
6. LoveKouichi - Canada from Hetalia
7. 15385bic - A pretty boy Someone from the folder...I'm still deciding whom
8. MangaKid - Kaji
9. Sage of Magic - Guy
10. DixieWings - As'ad