O 'Puter! You Came Back to Meeeeee!

Hi there everyone! I am happy, because my computer is working again after a week of being a buttface and not working. It turns out we had a bunch of nasty trojans and viruses on our 'puter because we had been operating without an protection system thingamajig. But now we have something to protect the computer, so it's all good!~ :3

In other news, I got my blood test results back and everything was normal, except for my hemoglobin count was high. So, I have to go and get another blood test to see if it has leveld out or if I'm gonna have to take some medicine. (although, it still dosn't explain the weird patternse on my legs...maybe I'll find out more when I do the thyroid ultrasound.

And also, I am now employed. Woo... I start as a swim instructor at the YMCA on Tuesday. I am excited/nervous, since their throwing me into the job with no training...let's see how that goes hehehehe...

In the choir front, my director decided to drop the solos in the one song, because he said that we sound good as a section. Meh...makes me kinda sad...but also we have nother song with solos (technically a duet, but their different parts) so I ish gonna try out for that :D
Our concert is in less than 2 weeks...eep!

Let's see...what else...
OH! I want to a concert and saw a group called Take 6...THEY ARE AMAZING!~~~ I love 'em! And that's really saying something since they do alot of jazz music and Ryu ain't a big fan of jazz.

Well...I believe I have effectively bored you all to tears now. So, that being the case I shall now stop talking. :3

I shall talk to you all later! :D